Is the MC Speedy no longer fashionable?

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  1. Hi! I'm planning to buy a Monogram Multicolore Speedy 30 in white... At first I was all :wlae: but after searching for something in the Hermes subforum (no, I didn't really find what I was looking for lol) I found a thread called "excuse my ignorance!" and on the 6 or 7 page (?), someone mentioned that the MC Speedy looks :wtf:DATED now... Maybe it's just cuz I was in the Hermes forum:shrugs: and there's not many LV lovers there. So I was wondering if guys think the same too? If you think I should buy something more "classic": Manhattan GM or MC Speedy??? Thanks!
  2. Honestly....if you are going for something "more classic" I would go Manhattan, I think, no I know mono canvas will out live MC......but get what you love....The thing with the MC speedy is that is was soooo hot what three years ago or so?? and now it's just there to me, it's pretty, but.....MC will always be FUN to me, not really classic....I do own some MC pieces but no large MC bags. That's just my opinion though, you still need to go with what you really love....
  3. i think if you love a bag, fashionable or not shouldn't influence you too much... and i think the MC speedy is very fashionable regardless of when it first came out...
    fashion will always come and go and i think LV pieces are all pretty much timeless, you can't go wrong with any of it... :tender:
  4. I don't think you should care that anybody in the Hermes forum says MC looks unfashionable, it's two different styles. I love hermes and I love LV, but for me, at this stage in life that I'm now, I'll rather spend money on an MC speedy and keepall than a birkin (although I would take a birkin if offered, lol:P). But anyways, you buy a bag because you like it, not because it's fashionable or anything else, so if you want a MC speedy, don't settle for anything else, girl:flowers:

  5. I totally agree, the MC speedy was the hot bag to have 3 years ago back in 2003 when it first came out.

    The Manhattan is more actual.
  6. I totally agree, you shouldn't be influenced too much by others opinions, I think all LV is beautiful, I still don't think MC is the MOST classic of what LV has to offer, but it is very pretty and fun, and if you love it that's what really matters! I personally like to get opinions from this forum based on experiences with the items, colors, etc...that I'm interested in, you like what you like and that shouldn't change.....
  7. It is anyway a beautiful bag, and again buy what you love and don't pay attention of the hermes forum.
  8. If it were me, I could careless what other people think of my bag... I know it's real and I like it, and that's all that really matters, right?

    Now as for which bag to get... that's a toughie... hmmm... I say... MC Speedy?
  9. when i buy a certain bag, it's not because of it's an IN bag.
    honestly i don't give a s**t on what magazines or people said what's in and what's not.
    just follow your hear, if you really like it, they buy it!
  10. exactly!
  11. A mc white speedy is still one of my fave bags. I have one and its great! Its harder to fake vs. The mono as you can immediatly tell with the hw and the colors. Don't listen to the ppl @ the hermes forum. They don't specialize in vuitton, we do! Plus, I believe that no matter what vuitton you have, in their eyes, nothing will be as great as hermes...
  12. I agree, it 's a bag very hard to fake, everytime I see one Im in love again.
  13. hehe! You guys are great! ya...I won't listen to ppl in the Hermes subforum fact, I don't think I'll be going there anytime soon cuz I'm frankly quite intimidated there....***I'm just a lil girl who likes pretty multi-colours*** lol
  14. If you love it, get it! Who cares what other people think.
  15. you so shouldn't be intimidated! Hermes are lovely bags, but LV are just as beautiful IMO!!!! I wouldn't mind having and hermes one day, but right now I just feel you get the most for your money with LV in comparison to any other handbag, and I've dabbled in many! I have other bags that I LOVE but LV is still my absolute Fav. and give me the most pleasure to buy hands down....