Is the MC Mini HL Discontinued?

  1. Some SA told me that. I didn't want to argue with her cause it's still being sold cause 866 told me that they weren't making as much but didn't tell me tat it was discontinued. I don't know. IMO the SA that I was talking to wasn't very smart. I asked her about what would help sagging and what about having a piece of cardboard and she was like no, that's a bad idea blah blah, the bag doesn't sag and etc. ??? Heh. I don't know. I need to just start talking to the SAs like I'm helping them!
  2. The Mini HL is so small, I don't think it's possible for it to sag much. (Mine never has; I have the monogram one.) I haven't heard anything about it being discontinued though. Anyone have more info?
  3. I've heard for quite awhile (for at least a year and a half) that it was going to be discontinued but I don't think they ever did it.
  4. No, she was talking about the speedy 25 not sagging
  5. Whoops, lol, ignore that then. I've never heard of someone saying the cardboard was a bad idea. Strange.
  6. not that i've heard. They're still on Elux as of now anyways.
  7. I haven't heard that, I wanna get it if it does lol.:biggrin:
  8. I have not heard that it is being discontinued, but I am not always in the know, lol. As far as the cardboard goes, and LV SA was the one that suggented that to me when I was looking at the Speedy.