Is the MC Alma still popular??

  1. I started a thread trying to decide on the Leonor or the Alma and I thought of another question.

    I noticed that people don;t talk about the multicolore Alma as much anymore. The concentration seems to be on other bags.

    I have already determined that I want the Alma (and the leonor too--LOL), regardless of trend. But I'm wondering if its popularity of the Alma had died down?

    BTW, the white Alma is the one I want

  2. i know i love all the almas still!
  3. To me it is!
  4. IMO,alma will always be a classic piece like the speedy.though i don't have one.
  5. i have a white mc alma and luv it!
  6. i saw it at the hs football game last night makes me want one too! but sadly i couldnt pull that off
  7. I love my white MC one.
    But you know what, once the hype on something dies down, that makes me love it even more. :heart:
  8. I have one in white. It's got to be my favorite bag. missbabydolce, why couldn't you pull it off? It's a beautiful bag. I'm 37 and I carry it a lot without thinking I'm too old for such a dramatically colorful bag. It just depends on your personality and taste.
  9. I still like it, and from the other posts, so do many other people.
  10. Hmmm...well i must be the only one here, but I've never been attracted to the SHAPE of the Alma regardless of the line. I think it's way too conservative to be carried everyday and seems to be for a very very high class business/CEO woman's bag. When I just got into LV, I saw a woman with that description, she was dressed VERY well in a black suit and looked so sharp and authoratative. So ever since, when I see others with more laid-back casual clothing and carrying an just doesn't seem right to me and spoils the image of the Alma. So for me, since the Alma is associated with a more formal attire, it would be a contradiction to have it in the multicolore canvas which is more fun, sporty and vibrant.
  11. I have the black MC Alma and love her... but to be honest, she's sitting in the closet most of the time :confused1:
  12. I don't carry my Alma as often as I propably should, but I always have problems fitting stuff like my oversize sunglasses case there, without making the sides look annoyingly bulky. :s
  13. Ahh---ok there goes the Alma fans.

    I was wondering where you all were. There is so much talk about some of the new styles I just wanted to make sure. :smile:

    But like lvbabydoll said---I too like bags even more once the hype dies down. I never like to have a bag that everyone is carrying.
  14. How to spice up a Monogram Canvas, Damier, or Epi Alma in a minute. Get one of LV's cute silk scarves and tie it on the handle!! Instant seasonal fashion!!
    The Alma is a pure LV classic. Trends will come and go, but that shape is timeless.
  15. To me it is. It's such a pretty bag!