Is the Manhattan PM big enough?

  1. I am thinking of ordering the Manhattan PM without trying it on, maybe not the brightest move but what the heck. Does the PM hold enough? I am used to the city size bbag, and the Chloe Silverado tote.. but I think the GM would be way to big..
  2. from what I can recall when holding it, it's similar in size to a city bbag, maybe a bit smaller.....and the fact that it's a little more of a structured material it may not allow as much stuffing as a soft city would.....I thing the gm is quite large, though beautiful....I have the MJ venetia which is pretty much the same bag as the gm but I think the gm is a tad larger, anyway I love it but I find it hard to use everyday.....
  3. i have the Manhattan PM and i think it can fit a lot if you arrange it all properly. here's what i can fit in mine:


  4. i love the way your organized your mahattan pm sandra ^_^
  5. My friend just bought one which suprised me because she usually buys huge bags. She said the same thing though, it can hold lots but is has to be organized properly.
  6. It's a good size, but the bags that you're used to carrying I think are a bit larger. The GM is pretty big though - I agree. There's always eLux and its infinitely more generous return policy ! :biggrin:

    And yeux, why two ipods ? Or at least two ipod holders ? :P
  7. thanks :biggrin:! it's the only way i can carry my whole life around with me :lol:

    did you mean the Dior next to the Burberry iPod case?? the Dior is my cell phone case :P
  8. Thanks for your comments! Sandra, your pics really helped my decision making process!
  9. you're welcome :heart:!

    so is it to be the Manhattan PM then?

  10. I think so! The GM sounds too big to be a good every day bag..:yes:
  11. that's great! not only is the GM big, but it's very heavy, and it'll be tedious to lug it around on an everyday basis
  12. Go Irish!!!
    But why aren't you going to try it on first? I'm sure Brad would love to help you with that ;)
    Are you going to SCP anytime soon? I think it's best if you can try it first, you seem to have unstructured bags & this is a big change. That said, I LOVE the Manhatten bags.

  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Yes, Brad and I are close...:P . I think I may roll down Tuesday and check it out, cause you are right about the unstructured bags...if I could have Sandra teach me how to put all those items in the bag I would be in heaven!!
  14. oh, i could, i could :yes::lol:

    no, seriously :yes:
  15. Is your home as organized as your bags?? :rolleyes: