is the mandarin epi the new color??

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  1. saw it on their website. is this the new color for epi?? what other colors are coming... anybody knows?
  2. The Mandarin EPI was discontinued last summer.
  3. really? cause i don't remember seeing that color on their website.
  4. Yes, discontinued last year...there are still a few pieces floating around. Saw some at stanford a few weeks ago.
  5. Do you think if your mandarin piece got some dings in it, would LV repair by touching up color, or do you think I should just call Vuitton to find out... just curious, have never seen a thread on this...
  6. it's on the website now??
  7. I wish it was a new color! Then I could get some pieces in it!
  8. Yea...mandarin has been discontinud for awhile. LV does that...don't know torture us? They show the old colors all the time!
    I go on Elux and they have the Indigo Roxbury....sooo droolworthy but completely sold out!
  9. Wasen't there a new red? Or did they just rename it?
  10. There are 2 reds, the older one was slightly deeper...there are some pics in the ref section.
  11. Mandarain is showing up again it wasn't on the website and now it's back and the Noe is available to purchase, I asked in store about Mandarin on Sunday and was told it was pretty much all gone.

    Good job I'm sitting down I love Mandarin I feel light headed!!
  12. ok so after clicking everything it's only the noe available everything else is out of stock so why put they colour back on the site it doesn't make sense.

    Oh also the Mocca is showing available in one of the purses

  13. This is a fabulous bag! Got my mandarin noe last summer, no regrets,,, get it someone!:smile:
  14. ^ this is me looking at that Noe :drool::sweatdrop::girlsigh:

    be strong label be strong
  15. I wish they still made the mocha stuff.