Is the MAM too SMALL for me? Opinions pretty please!!

  1. HI everyone! I was wondering if you guys thought that the MAM would be too small for me. I am 5'8" and a size 10. I just don't know if it would look bad on me, and wondering if I should go to the regular MAB. Anyone have any opinions? It would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Oh to be tall, I'm jealous!

    I don't think the MAM will look too small on you, as it's not exactly a small bag. I would think about it in terms of what will serve you better - do you prefer larger bags in general, for their roominess? Or do you like more medium-sized? I think as long as you get what works best for you, then you will be happy with it and rock it with all the confidence in the world - THAT's what makes it the right size!!
  3. I wanted to ask the same thing!! I bought the Morning After Mini but after thinking about it, I wonder if I should have gotten the regular MAB... I'm 5'10" and didn't really take that into consideration.

    I just saw Hayden's gorgeous MAM and decided that I needed one for myself. Now that I think about it... Hayden is alot shorter than me hahaha
  4. ^^ OK, riley and icyblue do either of you play beach volleyball? Cuz I need you as my partner! I'm 5'5" and scrappy....

    icyblue I'm pretty sure you could squash that cheerleader.
  5. I am around your height, a little taller, and on me the regular size looks better, and also fits more stuff. I have had minis and I always ended up selling them because they didn't look QUITE as good as the regular size on me. But I think balihai is absolutely right - you can rock just about any bag you want depending on what you do with it. And I am also a large bag kinda girl. :smile:
  6. I dont think so, there is a thread and its claimed to be the size of a lv speedy 30. You'll be fine.
  7. The MAB would probably be more comfy on your shoulder. I'm 5'5" and not exactly rail-thin, and the MAM is a bit snug over my shoulder, although the proportions work better for my height. The MAB would probably look perfect on you.
  8. Thank you for all of your opinions, I really really appreciate them! I will keep you guys posted on what I do. I really want a MAB or MAM for S/S.

    balihaai88--I'm not sure you'd want me on your bvb team, (no hand/eye coordination over here)! :p

    Hitchcock and Jenny--Thank you for the perspective. I am also a large bag kind of girl, I think it works better with my body type.

    Bag Fetish--I think I gotta find some of these babies so I can see them IRL!

  9. I'm 5'5 and scrappy! ROFL!:roflmfao: Like a young feisty boxer! Hey girl, what happened to your night blue MAB???? You havent talked about it much???
  10. rileyroow you just need to stand behind the net and put your hands up. I'll cover the rest of the court!
  11. You know what, I didn't say much about it after I posted my pic because I had to return it! Dammit all to hell!! Not because I didn't love it, y'all know how much I loved that leather and the color....but really just because I couldn't afford to keep it. Sad but true :crybaby:
  12. AWWWW DANG IT! I felt that the Laker girl look was very very sexy on you, and im not kidding!
  13. ^ Sexy is not me in a yellow top and a purple bag, sexy is MY AVATAR!! YEOWWW!!! :graucho:
  14. I completely agree, I LOVE YOUR AVATAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (and I'm sure you're sexy in a yellow top and purple bag!!!)

    Wouldn't you two make a super sexy couple? :yes: