Is the Makeup out in Violet yet?

  1. I really love all the Violets you girls are posting. But I havent seen a Violet Makeup bag, are they available yet? Anyone have one?

    I think thats the Violet I want. That and a Day.

    And maybe a City.

    oh and then theres the Money wallet!

  2. where have you been????? how did you miss my thread??
    feast your eyes on this baby:
    IMG_1233.jpg IMG_1237.jpg
  3. ^^LOL, i love it! I drooled all over it in your thread! Oh Donna!, there's a thread somewhere around here with a violet money wallet, too! Aren't they gorgeous?!
  4. D~ I've seen money wallets in violet at Barney's!!!
  5. Nicole-your makeup is extra yummy!
  6. Holy cow batman! Thats gorgeous! I'm kinda out of the loop with Balenciaga the past few months. The violet is just so pretty and I have to get myself something.

    Thanks for the pictures!~:heart:
  7. I got mine yesterday. I was the first person on the waitlist and I got a call late last week then waited to see if they had a marigold City for me before I had it shipped. It is the cutest thing ever. I love it. I keep staring at it. Now I must find a bigger bag in this color.:love:
  8. PICTURES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  9. Oh geesh! I love the violet accessories!!!