Is the Mahina coming out in a Large size?

  1. My friend said that she heard the Mahina is coming out in a Large size. Is this true? :confused1:
  2. If i'm not mistaken i thought it already came out in the XXL. correct me if i'm wrong someone.
  3. i think what she means is a Mahina L, as opposed to the XL and XXL
  4. I heard my SA say something about this, too, a while back when the Mahina XL and XXL were first released. I hope this is true!! I would definitely be interested in a Mahina L since these two initial bags were way too big for me when I tried them on.
  5. That would be sweet! I would totally go for that...even for a medium, lol.
  6. I stopped by LV today and had asked the same question. The SA believes there wouldn't be one a 'L' since the Mahina is a Limited Edition. If there was a 'L', it would have came out already. But let's cross our fingers that the SA is wrong and that 'L' will be release....I would totally jump on it.
  7. When I bought my Mahina the SAs and I were talking about that...Nimbus came out with a PM and in different shades a year after the first release. I would love an L or an M in a brown color.
  8. i hope it will!
  9. my thoughts exactly. i wonder if like the nimbus they'll come out with different colors with the smaller size. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  10. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the Mahina will come out in a L.

    Thanks for your feedback!! :yes:
  11. there will be another mahina, but not in L, but in S. kinda like a normal sized handbag.
  12. JJ, i'm always excited when you post replies to topics!!! lol

    will they come in the same colors?
  13. I think that's kinda unfair to those you bought it already what if they wanted a smaller bag but they loved the style so much they just took the chance and got then they come out with a size they wanted all the time :sad:
  14. thanks caley :smile:
    yes it will come in gris and noir, but also gold and silver if i remember correctly (the big ones as well).
  15. I love when you post, JJ. I see your name and I jump to it because I know it's something good. Wow, I'm glad to hear both are coming out in a smaller size. Any idea around what time? I'm definitely putting the Mahina on hold 'til I know the dimensions of it.