is the lv glace and matt leather inflamable?

  1. Hey guys..can anyone tell me if the lv glace and matt leathers are imflammable?? Thankss =)
  2. have no idea are you planning to put them close to the fire?? :confused1: :p
  3. lol?? they're leathers.. so i would say they take a while to burn..
  4. This is a VERY strange question...

    Want to see what leather smells like burning or something?
  5. Well, there's only one way to find out...
  6. hahaha i see i got some pretty strange replies, but no my bf has a glace wallet, it's pretty old. Anyway one day he goes i hear that real LV bags are imflammable and they don't burn, wot about my wallet? so just thought i'd ask! haha
  7. I would say it would burn eventually...but the finish would probably bubble and melt first.
  8. 'real lv's don't burn' is a myth. much like 'upside down lv's = fake'. everything burns.. it just takes longer. even inflammable clothes, house building construction/etc stuff.... it just takes longer for them to burn. i have had questions about this from my customers about our leather sofas (yep weird questions!) and it's the same thing. the insides may combust first, being of down filling, but the actual leather shell may actually survive the fire or whatever... they'll just be really toasty looking. hah.

    same with lv leather items like mat & glace. however, canvas will burn.. since it IS canvas.. it just takes longer than normal plain canvas, since the mono/damier/mc/azur canvas is a coated canvas.
  9. ok, you are scaring me over here.....:wtf:
  10. Odd question, I'm sure unless LV uses flame-resistant materials, any of their bags would burn! :lol:
  11. I would say that LVs are infact inflammable...coz I would go into the FIRE and save yes...:yes:
  12. Okay, strange experience I had. My ex tried to IRON a wrinkle of out of her Mono Speedy.

    The canvas just melted.

    I have a ton of Glace items, but I never placed it near a fire, so I wouldn't be able to help you!
  13. Maybe the question should be if you get cigarette ash on an LV glace/matt will it burn a hole in the material? Please keep your LVs away from cigarettes! It's bad for their health!
  14. I am not going to do the experiment..
  15. well like i said... canvas WILL do something since it's canvas. iron a wrinkle out of a mono speedy.. keep in mind that speedys/monogram/damier/azur/multicolor are all canvas and coated to be waterproof. it's not leather. the actual leather is the handles and the piping around the bag and the zipper/lock & key hole/etc.. that's the real leather. the rest of the bag is made of canvas. and like i said, coated canvas. so naturally the thing would melt!