Is the Luxury Bowler a Good Everyday Bag?

  1. :shrugs: I'm wondering!! I saw this bag today while at dinner, I think it was the medium size,my first real life sighting, it was just so gorgeous can't stop thinking about it!
  2. BagLovingMom - me and u both!!! i cant stop thinking about THIS bag... i keep popping into the CHANEL threads to stare at the pics! :love:
  3. ^^^LOL!! Isn't she grand HelenNZ! Literally I stared at the bag through dinner, my PHH was like give it a rest hee hee!!
  4. Yes, it TOTALLY is!
    It's not lambskin so it's not really too delicate and it's a great size!

    Which flavor are you interested in?
  5. Which color did you see BLM? I knew my mind wouldn't rest until I got one for myself so understand your obsession - and HelenNZ's too!

    It's a great everyday bag which holds a lot! I chose the fall deerskin in black. While I don't think the black metallic will ever go out of style, the deerskin is a strong, durable leather that will last (I hope) a long time and make this bag timeless.
  6. I think it was the metallic black although the lighting in the restaurant was dark, it definitely had some sheen to it. Guys I'm sick obsessed now! My PHH was like talking to me during dinner and I was like huh? what? sorry honey! LOL!!
  7. I'm seriously obsessing over this bag right now myself. I think it would be a great everyday bag.:love:
  8. YES!! it is a great everyday bag. I've been carrying it for 3 days straight now, and love it more and more. I HIGHLY recommend it!! And my SA said they'll increase Bowler's price by $300 for no reason(no changes to bag), I don't know from when, but you might want to check and act quick!
  9. I think it's great for every day. I love mine. And it looks great dressed up and down.
  10. YES! I have the metallic silver goatskin and the metallic black goatskin. I have been using the silver one almost every day since I got it in April and NOTHING has happened to it. And let me tell you when I say I "use" it almost everyday I really USE it. Let me tell you this bag can withstand ALOT. I smash this bag around like you wouldn't believe and not a single scratch. Also this is the goatskin, and the fall leather is the deerskin which is even more durable. My goatskin has been through the ringer and it's still good as new. The only thing I did was cut out a piece of cardboard to line the bottom of the bag so it doesn't sag. You will love this bag, it's DEF worth the money!:smile:
  11. i also agree it can be an everyday bag, i love it too.
  12. :drool:
  13. I love these Bowlers too, practically all of my posts say this so I really do have an obsession!!! They are so gorgeous in pictures and IRL! I am just DYING to get one!!!
  14. Has anyone got a pic of what they can hold in their bowler? :flowers:
  15. Does the luxury bowler have the "CC's" on the front AND back of the bag? :flowers: