Is the Luxe Tote the same as the Modern Chain?

  1. I have seen people call their tall, MC totes, "Luxe Tote"... are they the same thing?

    Are they still available or was it a limited edition fall item? I remember trying it on and rejecting it, thinking I could always go back and get it. So dumb... :smash: Now I have to go to the store and risk the SA's tell me how they went so fast and look at me in total sympathy.

    I'm not talking about the MC tote that is a bit shorter and wider, I'm talking about one that looks like Swanky's red one, but I have also seen black ones that seem a bit different... a different leather... perhaps lamb. But still the same shape, I think.

    Does anyone know what I'm talking about and are the black ones gone for good?

    Also, I find my SA's really need a reference number to understand what I'm asking for, so does anyone have the number for the black, taller tote?
  2. No, no, very different bags and from different Lignes. . . well sort of different Lignes.
    There's a Luxe Tote and a flat Luxe Tote from the original Luxury Ligne.
    Then there's 2 sizes of the M/C Chain Totes and they actually are completely different from the Luxe Totes.
    Supposedly, the new M/C LIgne is an extension of the Luxe Ligne as they're both leather lined and have chains, although very different chains.
    I'll get photos. . . BRB.
  3. Just to compare, here's the actual Luxe Ligne Tote from last season, seems to be the one you're interested in{?}


    Here's the small M/C tote in red from the current season
  4. Thank you for offering to get photos because what you just wrote is totally confusing me. :lol:

    The black one is my Holy Grail of handbags. It's black, soft leather, huge size with a long enough strap to fit easily over a coat.

    Is it gone forever? I like buying new form the Boutique. Does anyone have the reference number, just in case?

    Thank you Swanky, for explaining to me what I have been wondering about for a while now!
  5. do the photos help at all?
  6. Absolutely! Thank you so much!

    Is the black one gone for good? Is yours gone for good? Sometimes it takes me some time till I figure out the purse I must have... and then it's too late.
  7. The M/C ligne is still pretty much available for now, but going VERY fast.
    I have no idea about the Luxe Tote, I don't know if any came out for F/W.
  8. Thanks again, Swanky!
  9. You're welcome!

    Which one do you prefer?
  10. Jayne, email Denise Junell at Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle. She received the Luxury Tote in black deerskin for fall. It's beautiful! I'm not sure if she has any pieces left but she can help you and is not at all patronizing.

    Note that the photo of the black bag Swanky posted is the calfskin from the spring collection. It is very smooth leather, no grain/texture. The deerskin is thicker and has a nice pebble-like grain. It is also extremely durable and has a lovely sheen.
  11. Thank you so much for the info, roey .

    Since I am in Canada, I have to be careful buying form the States. Shipping to me will involve duty and taxes and adding that to the cost of duty and taxes for an item that's already been sent to the States makes the cost exorbitant. It will almost be like paying twice as much. Also, even though our dollar is very high now, there is still a slight exchange rate.

    We get everything here (in Canada) from Paris directly and the prices are quite reasonable compared to purchasing from the States. (On the plus side, our Chanel make-up is made in Paris and not the US... although I do prefer some of the US-made Chanel lip glosses... but I digress... )

    What you guys do have is a huge inventory and you can always find something by calling another State. Lucky!

    Unfortunately, I'm stuck shopping in Canada. Thanks anyway, for the info! I appreciate it. :smile: