Is the Luxe Bowler still available?

  1. Hey my beautiful girls..

    Do you think its remotely possible to still get the Luxe Bowler in the metallic colours (like the one in the picture attached)?

    I absolutely regret not getting it during its season and I'm stabbing myself right now!! :crybaby::push::wtf:

    Also, if I were to purchase from any of the Chanel's in the US, could i just call to order? Or email?

    Does anyone have any good SA's to recommend?

    Sorry for the barrage of question girls!! Just getting a little desperate! :smile:
  2. I'm pretty sure there are no more in stores right now -- of course, things may pop up. More likely to pop up in Saks and Neimans than Chanel due to their lenient 2 month return policy.

    There is one currently on eBay, but I'm not sure if it is authentic. Consignment shops and eBay may be the best way to go now. Good luck!
  3. Oops, didn't see your other questions. You can call the Chanel botiques, Saks, neimans and do charge sends via the telephone, but I'm not so sure about e-mail. I think they also do international charge-sends as well (but not positive).

    As far as good SAs, I love Debra from Chanel botique in SanFrancisco. A lot of members have recommended Brendan from 57th Chanel Botique in NY, Joseph from Saks in NYC, Lisa Hamlin from Neimans in Michigan, Damian from Saks in Bala Cynwd, PA. A few PFers are SAs too, like ChanelBoy (Nordstrom in Mall of America) and XOChrissie (Neimans in SF). There are many great SAs out there -- these are just the ones I happen to remember off the top of my head. HTH!
  4. I second Lisa Hamlin from NM in Troy, Michigan. If it's out there, she'll find it!

    As for the metallic gold, there were issues with the gold coming off, so they were all recalled. Plus, I remember doing a nationwide search for it awhile back and they are all gone. :sad: You might have some luck finding a metallic black bowler or a silver one though. I know a few PFers were finding them here and there over the past few months. But I'd scour eBay. Just be sure to get it authenticated in the Authenticating thread in the shopping subforum!
  5. I saw a black patent luxe bowler at Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto, CA (Stanford) a few days ago.
  6. Call the 800 number at are helpful.

  7. Don't you just hate that?/ I had the same thing. A few months ago I had in my hand, trying it on, drooling all over it....and than I didn't buy it...stupid!!:crybaby:
    Now I have to live with it. I just hope that Chanel will do something like the bowler again next season or so
  8. I don't think so. I've been searching high and low for metallic black luxe bowler. There's the patent bowler this season. For some reason, I don't fancy the patent ones.
  9. Thanks girls!! Really appreciate the help!!
    Especially for the recall info! If not I'll be still searching like mad!!

    I saw the luxe bowler in patent too, but somehow it just doesn't have the same OOMPH as the metallic ones!

    So if I can't find the bowler, Do you think I should get a red jumbo caviar flap or a GST?
  10. Danielles, you are definitely after some very hard-to-find bags! The GST shouldn't be too hard to locate, but the red jumbo caviar flap might be a bit harder!

    Personally, I like the GST more, I love the red flaps, but i'm not into the "jumbo" size. I'm pretty sure most PFers would say to go for the red jumbo flap, especially as Chanel doesn't do red flaps too often. Good luck!