Is the love ring with diamonds ok for a man

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plain yg love ring for a man or diamond yg love ring

  1. Plain yg love ring

  2. yg love ring with every other diamond

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi everyone I need your opinions if the yg love ring with ever other diamond is ok for a man as I am thinking of buying DH one for Christmas he already has the white gold love ring that he wears as a wedding band but he really likes the yg with every other diamond but I personally think its too girly so I think the plain yg love ring would be better for a man.

    Please give you opinions on which one you think would be better for a man.

  2. I think it's still pretty unisex.
  3. Personally, I don't like diamond jewelry for a man, too girly IMO
    So my vote is for the plain yg.
    But if he really likes the diamond version, I'd get that one for him!
  4. Personally I'm not a fan of diamond jewelry on men and neither is DH, so for us I think we would get the plain yg one. However, DH has several friends who have diamonds in their wedding bands so it's definitely up to personal preference.

    But like previous poster said, if he has expressed that he liked the diamond one then definitely get him that one.
  5. I like the diamond one. either would look nice on a man. the band with diamonds doesn't have too many diamonds. if he asked for it & he wants it, I think you should get it for him. it doesn't really matter what we think.
  6. Thanks honey for replying I think he's a little uncertain that it might be a bit too feminine so I thought I would get all the lovely TPF members opinions as it's a lot of money if he then turns round & says he thinks it's too feminine & won't wear it, he has the plain White gold love & he also has a WG wedding band with 3 diamonds but I personally think the yg with diamonds is too feminine :smile:
  7. ah, I see. I didn't understand from your original post that he was unsure too.

    I used to like only plain & simple jewelry for men, but now I don't mind a few diamonds. looks like I'm in the minority though. good luck with your decision!
  8. I don't like diamonds on men, but I think it might be a regional thing. When I go to TX for work I see it a lot.
  9. No... too metro for me!
  10. Leave the diamonds to us.....LOL.
  11. I voted plain. I have never liked diamonds on a man.
  12. I prefer plain for men, but it really depends on the man. Is he manly enough to pull off diamonds without looking girly?
  13. Plain is my vote. But I know some men like diamonds and it doesn't look metro, depends on his daiily lifestyle and if he plans to wear it daily.
  14. Think its very nice & not over the top. (Live in Vegas so my exposure to diamonds on men is higher than normal.)
  15. I would go for the plain one.