Is the logo of my new Chanel classic medium flap defective?

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  1. Hello everyone, I recently purchased my dream bag, the Chanel classic medium double flap in caviar leather and silver hardware. I inspected the bag very closely at the boutique and I was sure I did not see any defect but... I realize now that the logo may be a bit off/asymmetrical... I took measurements and there is 1 millimeter of difference between the top of the logo left vs. right side. Am I crazy or do you see it too and would you try to return the bag? Is the logo of your Chanel bag perfectly straight? I'm wondering if I should contact the SA who sold it to me (more than one month ago...) to see if an exchange would be possible given that this could be considered as a defect... IMG_7201.jpg IMG_8465.jpg IMG_8466.JPG
  2. I think this is beautiful and wouldn’t have noticed this or think about returning it. But if you’re unhappy, I’d return it but also keep in mind the next one may have actual defects.
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  3. if it bothers you, i think the best thing is to take it back to the store. the SA should be able to fix it for you. i didn't notice it though, to be honest. :smile:
  4. Thank you very much for your replies :smile:. It reassures me that you did not notice it!
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  5. I had trouble noticing it.

    I would keep this bag.
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  6. Your logo looks good. I usually exchange for crooked logos too but I think yours is fine :smile:
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  7. Wouldn't have noticed at all. :smile:
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  8. I am really picky so I feel your pain but honestly I can’t see what you’re referring to. From experience, if the flaw is as minor as this and it’s the only thing bothering you, I would advise you just to accept it, because there are so many flaps out there with much worse defects and it’s likely that the one you exchange it for would have worse issues. I have checked out a lot of flaps over the years and seen so many issues with nearly all of them. Don’t get be started on the one I currently own but there was nothing I could do about it! Lol! Enjoy your bag, it’s beautiful.
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  9. I see it. I'm very picky as well like you. If this is a seasonal flap and really limited quantity and hard to get, I'd accept it and keep it. But for classic flap, considering it's classic and the price, I need to be 100% happy with it. Yes it's hand-made etc but there are other classic flaps with a perfect centered cc. I'd not compromise, Chanel always make this classic flap, I'd ask for refund and wait until I find the perfect one in my eyes.
  10. I wouldn’t have noticed it.
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  11. I couldn't help but shake my head at your "but also keep in mind the next one may have actual defects" line because I can't deny how much I agree with this... wow never in my wildest dream would this come out of anyone's mouth but here we are - questioning Chanel's quality constantly and fearing we will get actual defects while shopping in boutiques. What has Chanel became?
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  12. Granted I don’t own a Chanel yet, but I don’t see it. Is there something wrong with my eyes because I don’t see the crookedness?
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  13. I see it yeah, a tiny slant of the Cc. This is something I check for when I get my bags. However I also check for leather quality,
    Such as puffy quilts, and the leather on this one is really nice. I would personally not find this a dealbreaker but if it’s a dealbreaker to you, like someone said, they always have classic flaps so don’t settle.
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  14. I was not aware of Chanel quality issues (it is my first Chanel bag) and I was not expecting this for that price... The first bag that the SA showed me had a very asymmetrical flap, and she told me that it was normal and that it would "disappear" over time when I wear it, but I did not believe her and asked for another one (which is the one shown in the pictures).

    I just read a lot of posts about defects on Chanel classic flaps and now I feel like whatever bag they would offer me instead of this one would also have "hidden" defects that I would find afterwards when I bring it home... I even noticed last night that my bag has not a perfectly flat bottom (not very noticeable)... I don't even know if Chanel would exchange the bag given that I purchased it in February. Quite disappointing :sad:
  15. For now I'm trying to accept it as it is.. but I'll see what I do when the boutiques reopen... I actually looked at the logo in the boutique when I took the bag and it seemed fine, but I may have been overwhelmed as this was my first purchase so I did not see clearly all the details :sad:
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