Is the Leopard Stephen bag really TOO big!!


Dec 22, 2006
I wanted to ask ya'll for your opinion on the leopard stephen bag I mean I know it's kinda late for me to ask this but it won't hurt:shame: I have bought this bag like a month ago and at first I thought it was too big for me but unfortunately I couldn't exchange it with Adele because it was already sold out! but it actually grew on me and I'm starting to like how it looks although it's big! I think it looks trendy and it sticks out more than the Adele bag!! I'm 5'1 so I'm actually petit do u think I'm wrong for liking it?:shame: :shame:
here are some pics of celebrities wearing it..jessica's petit by the way:wlae:


I agree that YOU have to like it. My dh got me this for our anniversary and I had to return it.....just too big for me! I'm 5'2" and just felt that the bag was too big! =( I really, really wanted to love it (and did on looks alone). I just never got comfortable carrying it. If YOU :heart: it and feel good carrying it then you should keep it.

It's a GREAT looking bag! Let us know what you decide!
I'm 5'2" and I think it looks ok carried over the body like Jessica Simpson. I wouldn't carry it on my arm because it looks like luggage! But like the others said, it's most important that you like it. Who cares what other people think. :smile: