Is the Lemon Still available at the Stores?

  1. I just looked at eBay and they have quite a few of the Lemon Coin Purses for sale. However the Apple and Grapefruit are so hard to find and going for so much $$$$ when you do that I'm wondering if the Lemon is going to head the same direction?

    Are they limited? Do you think I should get one now or will they still be available in a few months?

    Would love your opinions as I'm new to wanting all the accessories.
  2. You might want to pick one up! They are getting more difficult to come by-- our store sold out quick! We have one Grapefruit left that got returned last week... I'm thinking of buying it...

    Anyway that's just my .02, you might want to see what Whitney and Sprinkles say about availability at their boutiques :yes:
  3. I would snap the Grapefruit up Sarah. It's my favorite and there are NONE on eBay right now!
  4. Ooooo, you enabler you! LOL. I might have to.... was thinking of dropping by the store tonight to check next week's schedule... hmmmm... :sneaky:
  5. Oh I'm a horrible enabler! Plus I LOVE PINK!!!! I like the Lemon too though. Don't care for the Apple! I say GO FOR IT!!!!!!
  6. I would totally snap up the grapefruit!! It's soo cute! I'm not sure if the lemon is going to be as rare... I've seen tons and tons of them for a while now.
  7. Any in the outlets?