Is the Legacy Shoulder Bag in the Outlets? Price?

  1. If this bag is in the outlet does anyone know about what they are going for? It is listed as $448 on coach, macy's, and dillard's. Thanks
  2. This was at my outlets in VA. It was going for 20% off $448.
  3. I have seen them hit and miss at the Las Vegas Outlets, but I think they were returns. :yes:
  4. I think all of these were being sent to the outlets this week
  5. I remember someone on here got the raisin shoulder bag for $150ish??
  6. Yep, they sure are, sorry though I dont know the price.
  7. Ok I was watching a few on eBay and was just trying to get an idea of price difference in the outlets. I didn't know which way would be better to go if I did get one. I'm working my hubby for V-day....but, he's says I am cut off since he just bought me 2 new carly's. We'll see though!!
  8. I'm looking for the leather 2006 ones, has anyone seen them at the outlets and for what price? Man I wish I could get to an outlet over here. ;_;
  9. Yes, but it appeared to be tagged wrong. Helluva deal, though. And it was the gorgeous Raisin color!!!
  10. I saw one in raisin color but they were not the $150ish as mentioned by someone in tPF, it was only 20% off the $448.
  11. I have seen 2007 Legacy shoulder bags at my outlet in the past for $399 with 20% off that price, but I believe they were returns. I have heard that Coach is actually sending the 2007 shoulder bags to outlet this week, although I don't know what they will be priced at.

    The 2006 shoulder bags were at oultet a little while back. It is unlikely there are any left, although a person could call around to find out. I bought a 2006 Legacy shoulder bag for $159.99 + tax.
  12. I heard that the outlets were getting 2007 Legacy sometime this week.
    I called my Outlet today and they have not receive them yet. You might
    want to try later in the week.