Is the Legacy Ali heavy?

  1. I'm looking at the Ali shoulder flap bag in whiskey for my DH to buy me for Christmas. I haven't been able to see it yet in person -- too busy. I'd like to get your opinion if you consider it to be lightweight, medium, or heavy.

    Other coach bags I have for comparison would be the calfskin pocket satchel (large) and a patchwork gallery tote from last year. I don't consider these to be heavy.

  2. I would say that it is medium; for how nice and thick the leather is, the bag is decent to carry. And this is coming from someone who carries a balenciaga 85% of the time! I have the bag in black and now wish I bought the whiskey. It is so hot in that color!
  3. I agree that it is, at most, medium heavy. Not nearly as heavy as a Marc Jacobs bag, and yet I personally find the leather just as nice as one of those, if not nicer (partly because it doesn't spot in the rain, unlike MJ bags).
  4. Becca4277 - thanks for the feedback. I like the black, too, but I have too many black bags. The whiskey seems unique.

    Mharvey816 - Thanks for the comparison to MJ bags. I consider them to be heavy. I think I'll put this bag on my wish list.
  5. Sorry, this is off topic, but I have been trying to find this out for the longest time: what is the full name of the legacy bag in mharvey's avatar? whats the style #, if anyone knows that as well.
  6. I have the calfskin pocket satchel in saddle color (1808) and I get more compliments on that bag than any other I have ever owned. It is my favorite.

    I don't like big heavy bags and I don't find the Ali to be too big or heavy.

    I don't know anything about the gallery tote. Sorry.
  7. Looks like a Legacy Leather Ali to me (10329)
  8. It's funny you asked this question, as I weighed my Ali just the other night, and empty, and she is 2.7 lbs. Filled with my "essentials" she is exactly 5 lbs. I don't really fill her up, though. Contents are: mini skinny, Ergo wristlet, lip gloss, chapstick, Treo 700p, pencil case w/ pens, Ibuprofen bottle, little Tupperware pill box made in the '80s, dental floss, titanium flash drive, Ray Ban sunnies w/ case, and lotion. Maybe half of the time I carry my little Olympus Stylus camera in a Bleecker wristlet and that weighs .5 pounds. I used to carry my iPod but I am lending it to my dh.

    So, maybe that will give you some idea of how heavy Ali is. The wide strap helps with weight distribution, too.
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