Is the leather the same on the '06 and '07...

  1. Legacy shoulder bags? And the whiskey '06 one I have they said do NOT use any products on, but now I am waiting for my '07 black one....would that be the same vintage type leather as the whiskey or no? Is it ok to use anything on the black '07 one? Thanks!!! :smile:
  2. As far as I know, they're the same, and technically you're not supposed to use anything on Legacy leather. I only used the Apple Care after researching on the forum and seeing how many people had success with it on their Legacy bags, but as always YMMV. :smile: I just know my black Legacy looks amazing now!
  3. I KNOW yours looks AWESOME! :drool: It was after reading your post that I was like "hmmmmmm" lol! I'm going to order some!
  4. Thanks!!! :smile: I did as donnalynn suggested and tested it on the underside of my strap. I had no color rub-off, no streaks, no nothing!!
  5. Thanks for the tip!!!! :smile:
  6. divajess, your bag looks FANTASTIC after you conditioned it!

    I just wanted to add that I always think it's a good idea to spray a new or conditioned bag with Wilson's leather spray. It has never changed the color of a bag and it helps it resist water and other stains.
  7. I'll second HauteMama's suggestion - all my bags get a liberal spray of Wilson's before I wear them - so far it has definitely prevented spotting from rain and whatnot. :tup:
  8. oooo these are useful hints! :tup:
  9. I used to think the leather was the same on '06 and '07 legacy bags...but I noticed the '07 leather is much thinner, no where near the thickness or sturdiness of the '06. I could be wrong. But I see a big difference in the two. Just my thought.
  10. I haven't noticed a difference in the quality, they both seem the same in terms of strength, thickness, etc., but the 2007 whiskey seems way less likely to scratch than last year's whiskey. My Gigi has been thrown around and used often and there's not one scratch on it.
  11. I put Apple Guard moisturizer on my Whiskey and Black Mandy, as well as on my Black Felicia.

    No problems!
  12. I did notice this also!!!

    I had rec'd a 2006 Whiskey Shoulder (double front pocket bag) in November of 2006, then had to rebuy one the following summer b/c the original had been ruined by muddy water-- it was then that I noticed the leather was stiff, hard to mainpulate and didn't break in as quickly as the 2006 bag. I then just got in a whiskey leigh today that has SUPER DUPER SOFT and thick, almost bubbly leather!!! :love: :shame: I hope over time Coach gets very picky on the leather thickness--- I'd buy nothing but legacy from here on out if that was the case! :lol: