Is the large Ultimate Soft a sought after bag?

  1. I have been reading that US hasnt been selling well on eBay. I thought it was a desired bag. The baby cabas sells for over 2500 on eBay, how come the ultimate soft isnt doing well? Do those that have the bag still use it? How is it holding up?
  2. as far as i know, the ultimate soft was a real popular bag, i had a hard time finding one, and all the SA i spoke to said they sold out so fast...but i think the baby cabas seems to be a far more popular bag though. the members here who own the ultimate soft all seem to love it. not sure why it's not doing well on eBay, i guess that's not a good thing for me. but we will see, keeping my fingers crossed
  3. Yes good luck. I would love to know how everyone is enjoying thier US bags?
  4. I have one. For sure you mustn't load it too much otherweise it looses its shape but i do love it. it's like a classic for me. Baby cabas look more seasonnal for me; In some years we'll say " oh ! that was 2007 bag !". For the USoft is more timeless. Well, that's my opinion
  5. yeah, one of the Sa's that i called referred to the ultimate soft as the "perfect hobo", chanel doesn't make too many zipped hobos, and the ultimate soft happens to be one of the best ones they make. aiy...i must stop, i'm having a difficult time parting with it as is.
  6. forgive me, but which is the bag u mentioned?
    can u show pics? :p
  7. Greatbag84, what do you use to take care of the bag? Do you put something in it to retain the shape? BTW takeout box I love your avitar, cute doggie.
  8. I would love to see pics as well.
  9. tks...she's my baby, but recently dx'd with diabetes for the pic for ultimate soft, there's one on the purse blog, that's what perked my interest of this is so purty
  10. is this the one?

    i DO think it's pretty, but compared to the cabas, this US is lacking "personality" LOL
    cabas is more distinct, when people see it, people know it's the cabas
    while this US i think has more "classic" look, it's just another chanel to me.
  11. yep, that's the one, that's the med. which was the most popular size, there was also a smaller one and a larger one (which some ppl compare to the cabas)
  12. Sorry about your dog.Seahorse you would probaly like the large US bag, its slouchy and unstructured , smooth leather , and is alot like the baby cabas w/o the stitching and has nice hardwear.
  13. Actually nothing. Shame on me !! I had it under the rain and still no stain is to see. For the shape i put my check book in the bottom. so it does not get curvy with the weight
  14. yeah, that's what i heard, though the leather is soft, but it's quite durable...ok, i'm beginning to doubt my decision.

  15. oh NOOOOO, teh last thing i want to hear :roflmfao:
    the cabas had cause me much trouble already, i sold few of my balenciaga bags to buy my cabases LOL