Is the large Tribute too flat or...

  1. should I get a medium Downtown instead? I'm looking for a throwaround tote that I don't have to baby since I'll be lugging my real 4 1/2 month old along. :p

    Would the Tribute be too flat to carry my usual items like sunglasses, makeup case, wallet, cell, etc and a few baby items (burp cloth and a couple toys)?? I don't want it to look bulky by cramming everything in there, kwim? I just love the look of the croc embossed Tribute though.

    TIA! Btw, this would be my first YSL purchase so I want to make it count! :tup:
  2. for that reason i have not gotten a tribute even though i love the way it looks. also i felt the large looked ridiculous on me (i'm a shortie) and the medium is too small.
  3. The large tribute is a great bag. I love it. I put my large zip wallet in it, small LV agenda, large kate spade agenda, usually a book, LV small pochette, keys and tissues. I think it is a nice size bag that you can find things easy when you open it. I like the side zippers that give you more room when you open it too. I really love how it hangs close against your body and you don't feel like you are carrying a huge bag to bump in to other people.
    I also love my downtown tote but feel it is a very big bag to carry--but you can fit so much in there. Are you near a store that you can try them both on? I think that is the best to make sure it will work before you buy it.
    Good luck.
  4. kicksarefortwids - Did you by chance try to put your stuff inside the bag to see how it would fit??

    gillianna - Does it look bulky w/ all your belongings inside??
  5. I think the large tribute can hold lots of stuff without being bulky, but some baby stuff is bulky (toys, etc). It also may be easier for you to have the front pocket on the downtown. Additionally, the downtown rests on the ground more easily than the tribute because of the base. I think they are both great bags, but it depends on what is best for you. I second the idea of trying them on.
  6. I was at the YSL store contemplating this bag and I asked if I could stick everything I carry into it to see how it fit, shaped and sat on my shoulder.

    What I carry everyday is usually wallet, keys + holder, agenda, iphone, lipgloss, brush, and nail file. I felt when trying this on with some of these odd shaped objects it still held its flat shape and looked great. The leather was soft to the touch yet resistant to items which may poke and disturb the classic shape. It got my :tup:
  7. I am partial to both handbags as I have them and equally love both. Having said that, for your purposes and wants, I think you should consider a medium Downtown in the patent stitched won't find yourself using the outer pocket of other Downtown styles, plus if you love the croc stitching on the Tribute but want more width for all your essentials, the way to go would be the medium patent croc quilted Downtown. Very classy!
  8. I fit all my stuff and it is not bulky. They are really two different bags. I like the way the downtown can fit on your shoulder close against your body. It is a bag you will not bump in to people with. Yes the larger bags can bump people in stores. The downtown is very big and I am not sure if you will find it bulky carrying a baby too. I really say try it on first. You may love one or the other or even hate both bags. I have made too many mistakes in the past with buying bags that didn't work out but have to say I love my tribute and downtown (Thanks to all the enablers here.....)
  9. Hmm..never really thought about that bag...I might have to try it on and give it a whirl! Not sure if you have tried it on but is it soft patent or more stiff? Hopefully that made sense. :shame: I also want to ensure that a patent leather bag can be banged around w/o the threat of getting scratched or damaged.
  10. ^ One thing YSL does very well is patent leather. My Downtown looked stiff at first and the shape of the bag made me think I had to be very careful using it daily. But half a year later, I still haven't switched to any other bag. As I've said here earlier, I haven't worn any of my bags this long of a stretch w/o switching to any other. I've never had any other handbag that got banged around so much due to daily wear and tear, yet I can just wipe/rub off any surface scratch or smudge so easily(damp kleenex or finger does the trick well!). Rain or shine I've proven the patent to stand up to my daily grind(errands, errands, and more errands). And though it looks structured, my patent Downtown is really soft w/o being flimsy. It looks just as great now as it did when first pulled it out of it's dustcloth!

    BTW, since I have both the Tribute and downtown in patent leather, I would say YSL uses same quality skin for both bags. My Tribute is also soft and pliable, not stiff or plasticky. If you end up with the quilted croc medium Downtown, you'll have the shape and room you desire but the look of the quilted croc Tribute in one hanbag...w/o having to fork over twice the amount if you ended up with both bags(like me...eeeepp!). Hope that helps, and please let us know what you decide on ;).
  11. I think the Downtown would be a good choice, too, especially since you can set it down as yslalice mentioned. The Tribute either has to lie flat on its side or hang on something, so it's not the best bag if you need to set it down quickly to tend to your baby. Plus, I think the shape of the Downtown might make it easier to fish things out with one hand if you need to. Sometimes the Tribute requires a little digging because of its long shape.

  12. Good point as well! :tup: I still have yet to try the DT in person yet. I threw my back out and can't make it to any stores yet...:sad:. I'm hoping I won't feel that the DT is too big for me. I'm always afraid that big bags will overwhelm my 5'2 frame.