Is the large leather Carly heavy?

  1. I'm torn between the leather and the signature. Just wondering how heavy the leather is once it's all packed up. And does the leather have that cute slouch like the signature does?
  2. I'm deciding between the same two bags as well.. and have made no progress towards one or the other!
  3. Signature all the way! Unless you're not a fan of the BIG C's. I've found a lot of people here don't like it all that much but I LOVE them!
  4. I'm not sure about the leather vs signature, but the large Carly is more comfortable than the medium one! I'm not sure why - maybe the balance of the bag once filled? It has a nicer slouch too. JMHO
  5. I only own the signature but I am sure the leather is a bit heavier. The carly is a lot lighter than my leather ali. I love the signature.. especially in the chocolate!!! :tup:
  6. The signature bag is lower maintenance & therefore, makes it more desirable for me then the leather.
  7. EXACTLY what SHE said!!!! :yes:
  8. Wow, this thread is asking the very question I have been contemplating. I wasn't sure Med VS Large and Leather VS Signature. Sounds like Large is the way to go in size and it seems the Signature is winning out so far.

    I just love how helpful everyone is on tPF.:heart::wlae:
  9. I think that Coach bags have gotten heavier and heavier! I love the styles, but they're just too heavy! That one bag last season, the straw and leather hobo was so heavy I ended up returning it!

    I also don't really care for the styles this year. Last years styles were much more fresh and stylish - which is why I went broke buying Coach bags last year!. I guess I should be thankful I'm not nuts about this years styles too!
  10. Yeah, I have to say for ME atleast the carly in siggy really does it for me.. where like the ali I really only like in leather.. it just kind of depends on your taste and the bag. I also bought 2 medium carly's at different times because I don't like big bags.. but realized for me the slouch of the medium is the WHOLE bag lol so it kind of looked sloppy or weird.. took some getting used to but once I took the stuffing out of the large and played w/ it, especially in the dark brown, she slouches great, doesn't look or feel huge, and I can reach in and out with ease to get my stuff, and I hardly carry anything!! I vote large signature!!! :tup:
  11. i have both a leather and a sig carly and i don't think my leather is heavier. but i think it's because it's almost a year old, been broken in, and i'm so used to it that i can't tell.

    i will say that my leather is super slouchy compared to my sig.
  12. Wow, everyone is so helpful here. Thanks for your all of the comments! I visitied the Coach store and I'm leaning more towards the leather. It's not that much heavier than the signature. The leather is so thick and yummy!