Is the Large Edith Bowler too big to use everyday??

  1. I really like the Large Edith Bowler, but I wonder if it is not too big to use as an everyday bag. It's not too heavy (which surprised me, I thought it would weigh a ton) but I keep thinking it is a bit large to tote around every day. Thoughts??? TIA!
  2. Hi, I have a large edith bowler in Red which I love :heart: and occasionally use as an everyday bag. I guess it depends on whether you like big bags... which I do.

    I think it's good for shopping as you can use it to help you carry your spoils. :smile: It also fits relatively comfortably on the shoulder, if needed.

    It's a great bag for work, too.

    IMO, it's a good everyday bag IF you like large bags.

  3. I always thought it was too big except as a travel bag, but I saw someone carrying one the other day and it looked GREAT on her. I had returned mine, and it made me want it back again!!!
  4. Great question, as I was wondering the same thing myself. I think the best thing to do is to go to the store and try one on IRL...

    For me, I think the Edith is about as big as I am comfortable with...
  5. Have the bag in Muscade and LOVE her:yahoo:I love big bags too, but I feel she is a bit too large for every day. Just traveled with her my lap top and all other essentials.
  6. Thanks everyone for your feedback!

    I really like the style, and I do like a big bag, I just don't think I have ever used a bag this big before for everyday. Perhaps I need to just get used to it;)
  7. I'm with Lynnie...I love to use mine on days when I'm transporting my laptop around :smile: I do think it's too big for everyday use for one main reason...if you don't fill it up with enough items, it just slumps over & doesn't even stand up straight!!!

    It is a gorgeous bag & I LOVE large bags but I prefer my bag to be able to stand up whether full or not!!!