Is the large Carly comfortable to carry? Does strap slip off??

  1. Hey! I got the bleaker large hobo and the strap slips off ALL the time..I have never had this with any other bags and its so annoying! I am wondering.. Does the Carly stay on your shoulder?? Also is this bag comfortable to it too heavy?? Thanks!!!!!
  2. The strap on my Large Carly only slips if I'm wearing my biiiiiig puffy coat. Other than that its perfect! Oh and I don't think its too heavy at all :tup:
  3. I prefer the large Carly over lots of stuff and she stays on me pretty well, others have complained that she slips around and they have to hold her, but I'm good with the bag...and I much prefer large to medium for some reason.
  4. Yep both of my large carlys slip, still love them though!
  5. My bag stays on my shoulder very well. So no issues here.
  6. Great!! Thanks ladies!!!! I think I would get the large one..
    I am so excited to get one!! I need a big bag! I am definitely a big bag girl!! Which signature colour do you guys like best?? ^^
  7. I have never had the medium carly slip... as far as colors, the khaki/beet and the new khaki/chocolate are tdf! :drool:

  8. large black sig! large black sig! large black sig! :wlae:

    or chocolate :drool: