Is the large Botkier Bianca Satchel too large?

  1. I'm 5'5"...would it overwhelm me? Thanks!
  2. I thought the large was way too big when I tried it on in the store,but I am 5'2.
  3. I don't think so. I'm 5'4 but I've gotten used to carrying a large bag. Now when I try on a smaller one it seems too small looking to me. But there are at lot larger bags than bianca that are popular. the Botkier bag that Angelina Jolie carries all the time seemed like a suitcase to me when I tried it on. But a lot of people love it. Just depends on what you like and feel comfortable with.
  4. 5'4" here too and the Large Bianca was Huge to me. I'm really comfortable with the medium. I was going to buy a small and saw it at Nordstoms. It looked like a Child size purse to me and it ruined the look of this beautiful bag to me.
  5. I have been eyeing that bag too! I love big bags so I am not that concerened with the size, I just want to make sure that I love it before I get it...but they look amazing on the website!!

    What color did you want?
  6. ^Hey, how are you liking your HH triple strap Hudson? Its all love/hate with me and that bag! LOL, I would love to hear some good things about it

    By the way, OP, I have the large Bianca in Cherry, and it is BIG, BAD, and BEAUTIFUL!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! The color is wonderful and looks great with browns and deep reds. I love the way the bag looks even though it was smaller than they say it is online. They say it can fit a laptop and it sooo cannot. But whatever, I still love it! I am totally getting another HH. The bags are so fantastic!

    Thanks for asking!

  8. Thast awesome! The things that gets me mad is the configuration of the three straps! When you are wearing it with the shoulder strap, what do you do with the two braided handles and vice-versa!? It drives me insane!
  9. I don’t think so - I’m 5'5" myself and am very happy that I chose the large over the medium, even though I had my doubts when I purchased it. What bugged me about the medium was that the handles didn’t go comfortably over the shoulder. They do on the large... If you like to have room in your bag for a sweater, waterbottle etc. the large will be perfect! But I might be biased as I usually carry a large bag :shame:
  10. OK, I bit the bullet and bought a Large Olive Bianca today! And at least it's in a color I don't already have...;)
  11. Ooh, show us please! Nice choice - the olive looks great :nuts:

  12. i have both the medium and the large (which i bought today) and the strap drop is exactly the same, neither fits over my shoulder
    thats the one thing that i was hesitent about the large, cause i feel like a bag that big should fit over my shoulder but alas i do like it lots i used it tonite!

    i think i prefer my medium ones overall but i do love the large i have too :smile:
  13. Oh, thats weird :confused1: - I tried on both the medium and the large before buying the large - the difference in drop was one of the things that made me choose the large over the medium, even though I liked the medium better sizewise at the time. I only carry my Bianca over the shoulder, so guess I should just be happy that I can actually do that as it is obviously not a given..
  14. I'm almost 5' 11" and I thought it was too big for me. The side pockets were huge.
  15. The large size has a weekend bag feel to me. If you are petite I would say go for the medium, especially if you already have doubts about the large being too big.