Is the Kooba Mia or Sarah heavy?

  1. HI,

    I was wondering if anyone knows if the Kooba Mia or Sarah are heavy bags? They don't look heavy, but I have never felt one.

  2. Both are Heavy Bags. I loved the look of the Mia but when I got it I sold it immediately. It is strangely bulky and uncomfortable. The Sarah was even worse. They have very nice heavy leather but weren't comfortable and when you filled the Mia up, it weighed a ton!
  3. The Mia is the heaviest bag I own. I still love the way it looks so I can't part with it. I use it on my well rested days when I want a workout:biguns:.
  4. thank you both!
  5. Hi Lexie, Come to find out my Mom did not want a Sienna. She prefers a bag with one strap. I bought her a Jessie instead which is waiting for Mothers Day in my closet. I loved the look of the desert but I don't do well with lighter colored bags. An Espresso went up on eBay so I sold the Desert and bought the Espresso since I really love that color. It is coming from Canada so I have to be patient, oh sure. I guess it all turned out in the end.
  6. I have a Mia and while I love the look of it, it is very heavy and I rarely use it because it makes my shoulder ache. I try to put less stuff than normal in it but that's hard to do too. I don't think I would buy another bag so heavy.