Is the khaki baby cabas impossible to find?

  1. Thanks!
  2. to my best knowledge, yes...seems like most stores are getting replenishments of the blk and the white
  3. takeoutbox,

    Which stores will get replenishes of the baby cabas in black? I desperately want that bag!:crybaby:
  4. ask far as i know, all Saks
  5. I called several Chanel stores and NM, everyone is saying they are none available in the warehouses and they are not sure if they will receive more. I guess I will try Saks tomorrow.
  6. Does anyone know which stores are getting the white? I only spoke to one NM that says they will probably be getting in it while all the Nordstroms said they weren't...I want the white!! Thanks in advance for anyone's help.
  7. Bergdorf Goodman is getting a reorder in black and white. But, the wait list are already filled, and it won't be until end of May...maybe June. But, what the and get on the list. Maybe someone ahead of you will have found it somewhere else!
  8. I haven't said this yet on this web site, but Nordstrom Mall of America is getting replentishments of black and khaki. They won't be here until August however.
  9. oh, i've gotta give them a call you know the 1800#? thanks

  10. That's soooo long! Ah well, better for me to save up then :smile:

    I wish my local Nordstrom carried Chanel...and if they did, I wish you'd be the person to work there Chanelboy! You're fantastic :yes:!

  11. Aww, thanks! You're sweet. Where is your local Nordstrom, I probably know people who work there.
  12. Thanks for sharing this great info! Can I confirm that the khaki here refers to the bronze baby cabas?
  13. yes that is correct
  14. Thanks!
  15. Yay! I'm so glad I put my name of the list for a khaki three months ago. I'm number one...but I better confirm this! I'm so happy! :yahoo: It's great to have an asset like ChanelBOY on TPF! I was bummed out for the longest time... :yes: