is the khaki and black carly available yet to order?

  1. the one with the black trim..Im nervous about trying to order this morning PCE but have 3 stores recommended to try so fingers crossed. Im ordering the chocolate carly...then daughter sees catalog and says hmmm love the one with the black trim..I haven't seen one posted yet is it out :O)
  2. yep - we've had them in my store for over a week now!
  3. I ordered this with PCE and love it!! Can't get enough of the signature khaki/black combo!!
  4. Yup! My sister bought the large Carly in Khaki/Black at the boutique a few weeks ago with the PCE discount!:tup:

    It's stunning and she has gotten many compliments on it from the SA's at the outlet!
  5. saw one on eBay so i'm assuming it is available. good luck, the contrast is cute!
  6. it's in stores already.
  7. Yeah and online, so I would assume so! Good luck!