Is the Kelly 32 becoming the New Kelly 35?

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  1. As I am pondering my next Kelly purchase I cannot help but see that everyone is requesting a Kelly 28 or smaller for their next Kelly purchase. I know it is personal taste, and ultimately I will make my own decision based on my own needs; but I need to ask, is the Kelly 32 now becoming less desirable among those that love a Kelly? Similar to the less popular and larger Kelly 35?

    I am on the fence about whether I want a Kelly 32 - I love bigger bags, I like having my items loosely placed in my bags, not stacked. But I will admit this forum has got me thinking about my choice of getting a second 32, perhaps going for a Sellier 28 instead.

    I would really love to know what more seasoned Hermes bag lovers think about their choice to go for smaller Kelly bags and do they still use their 32's. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ooh love this thread! I'd be curious too! I'm new to H but my convos with SAs suggest that it's just that smaller bags are in right now. As a result, you see the 35 and larger for better prices on the secondhand market and there is less demand in store.

    Personally, I think it's a trend and eventually the pendulum will swing the other way.
  3. Good idea for a thread. I really enjoy using 32s - I think they fit my lifestyle best in terms of what they hold and I don’t actually feel like I’m carrying a large bag. But if I was brave enough to purchase a bright colour rather than my usual neutrals, I think 28 or below would be my choice!
  4. Go with what you like, not the fashion. Most all my Hermes bags are too big by current standards.
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  5. I personally don't base my decisions on trends. I say buy what you love, because next thing you know, Kelly 35's will be the "in" thing. Fashion always comes full circle, but classics always have a place in your wardrobe :smile:.
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  6. Not as far as I'm concerned. I don't follow trends. Being over 6 ft tall, small bags don't look right proportionally and IMHO, true "style" is what makes YOU look your best.....not what someone else says is "in". The bigger the bag, the better when it comes to me. I don't look at small bags.....ever.
  7. Hi Everyone
    Thank you for responding!!! Yes most definitely, I will definitely go with what I desire. With that said, this forum is such a great encyclopedia on handbag purses and selection. It's interesting to see the thread on the 2019 wish list, where the majority of bags on the wishlist are smaller. Perhaps it is a trend, and perhaps we are all slimming down on what we carry on a day-to-day basis, and of course, the rest includes height, style preference, etc.
  8. My SA told me to get all my B35s while I can because we are one IG sensation rocking a 35 away from them being the new IT bag again. Totally cyclical. Get what you like and if that is the larger bags, embrace the fact that you come across them easier.
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  9. Not that I’m a predictor of anything, but I was all for minis before the trend and I have plenty of small bags I love....and yet....I am getting ready for a bigger bag again. k32 is perfect!
  10. I wouldn’t necessarily say that is representative.... although H fans are ubiquitous! Looking at reveals there are a lot of tiny people, and shorties (like me). Personally I look silly with a big bag so when the trend flips back to big bags I am still going to be wearing the little ones. You already have a marvelous sense of what works for you and the best sizes that work for you.
  11. ]I’d spread your choices and try another size, 28 Sellier is great in a brighter colour if that’s the way you’re thinking.
    I love all three sizes, though 28 would not suit my aesthetic it looks great on others.
    I see 32 as a medium sized bag myself , probably the most classic and safe choice , suits all ages.
    I find 35 quite edgy/arty ,and I see 28 as a lady bag
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    My bags have always been within a certain size ‘limit’ regardless of what’s in. I think bags need to suit our lifestyle, taste AND be flattering to our frames, no different than the right length blazer or haircut depending on face shape.
    I probably wouldn’t wear anything bigger than a 28 (or a Birkin 30) because it doesn’t suit me, so if you’re happy with your current bags, why change?
    I think many people used to wear bags that were to big for them because they loved Birkins and Kellys and Hermès didn’t make them in smaller sizes (except the K20s, which are not comparable); once smaller ones were produced, those people started buying them instead. Micro bag trend aside, I think the downsizing in H’s case had more to do with people having more size options and buying bags that fit them better (look wise, lifestyle or the fact that some of these bigger bags can be very heavy, depending on the leather).

    I think you should ask yourself: if a 32 is what suits you, what are the benefits of downsizing?
  13. Get the size that works for you, not one that is popular. As one that have tried different Kelly sizes, I must say that I like the 32cm the best. Why? It has the perfect width and height proportions and not as big as a brief case unless you're looking to combine your briefcase with handbag in one. The K28 is great and roomy for my wallet and cosmetic bag along with the phone but I can't stuff a CSGM without pulling the leather straps to close. Unlike a Birkin, which I can leave it open, a Kelly should be closed at least with the turnkey.

    If the 32cm size works for you, get it when it is less popular because you've a higher chance to score from the store or negotiate with a reseller.

    Good luck with your search.
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  14. Wow so many thoughtful and insightful replies, thank you. Too many to quote.
    I will say that my wishlist this year includes a K32 ( for a total of 2 in my collection), and 1 K28 Sellier (undecided on leather and colour so I need to wait until I find one that resonates with me).

    I like to listen and observe on this forum, as it allows me to open my eyes/get a different perspective to some other options I may not have considered. I do agree that with a greater selection of options, there is a bag(s) for everyone. After all how can 1 bag serve every need...and thank goodness for that or getting dressed in the morning wold be so so boring :smile:
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  15. I have a 32R, a 28S and a Barenia 32S. When I want to go smaller I reach for my Constance elan or my Constance 24 and if I want to go even smaller I reach for my medor or egee clutch ... I have never been a mini type of purse person and I’m not tall. My favourite bag is my Birkin 35s, more so than my birkin 30. I need roomy bags for real life and for what real life requires me to put in my bags (winter accessories, gym clothes, water bottle, work papers, kids’ stuff, food, shopping purchases, among other things that find their way into my purse) and not for instagram pictures.
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