Is the jumbo big enough...

  1. For a girl who likes to carry the world around? I am worried that after getting used to the black shopper, I'll feel deprived. Also, the red phyton jumbo or the pale yellow normal leather one?
  2. it's quite large in my opinion. Just not "tall" enough. For example, I could carry a big big dictionary inside my Jumbo with room for keys and cell and cards !
  3. The jumbo is plenty big. I put everything that's in my jumbo into my GST. The only exception would be, I could fit a magazine in the GST.

    Both great bags.
  4. what Piperlu said, same with me!
  5. yup jumbo is quite big...but I think gst suits u more
  6. I have the reissue in 227 which is about the same as the jumbo and it's big enough as an everyday bag. I have my continental wallet, keys, cell, paper tissues, lipstick in it and there's still room. Even a small book fits in.
  7. it is quite roomy actually. It holds almost as much as my regular stuff in a 30 birkin, such as
    cosmetic case,
    bearn wallet,
    remote control,
    even a small bottle of perfume. :shame:
  8. I say red python...saw it the other is more on the orange side however...but how bout a cabas if you like your bags to hold a lot???
  9. Oooooh, coco cabas sounds great actually (I already have the GST) but they are COMPLETELY sold out in London. I am on the waiting list at Harroda though. Will call the boutique tomorrow morning!
  10. its going to be big enough for me !!!
    i am on the waiting list for the jumbo in red
    can not wait to get my hands on it !!!!
    i love the jumbos.... love the look and all
  11. i love the size of my jumbo... medium is way too small, it is on the verge of exploding every time i use it.