Is the Juicy Couture Lola bag worth it?

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  1. I've recently bcome quite taken with the Juicy Couture Lola bag ( preferrably in Louis V Suede, but I like the leather dark brown too). I don't know very much about Juicy Couture bags in general- and I was hoping people could offer some insight on whether or not this bag would be worth buying ( keep in mind that at $395 this bag would be a little investment for me, since I'm in college and have 5 million other things to pay for besides bags!). I realize it's probably not much compared to some of the amazing bags other people talk about on here, but I really value the feedback, thanks for checking my post out! :smile:
  2. I don't really like the quality of leather that Juicy Couture uses for their bags, and for 400$ you could get something a little better. I just don't feel that Juicy should be charging so much for their bags, and it's for that reason that I just don't buy them.. I've got a wristlet but that's it. Personally, I would probably look at another brand but that's just my 2c.
  3. I agree with Ayla. I looked at one recently and the leather was so hard and cheap feeling, and the bag cost was around $500 I think. I think they're bags are completely overpriced
  4. I really appreciate the feedback- do you have any reccomendations for bags in that price range? ( I'm looking for a cute leather/suede bag that I can use everyday if I want to).

    I feel like Juicy has a lot of really gaudy bags ( although they can be fun sometimes), and I just really liked the style of the Lola- but if the quality isn't there I def. don't want it!
  5. Wow, I really love the style of that bag, I only wish that the color were a bit darker!

    Hmm. Part of me thinks I should just be patient and save up a bit longer and invest in a Louis Vuitton Speedy ( because I know I could carry that bag FOREVER.)

    thanks for the suggestion though, I don't know very much about Isabella Fiore bags, but that one looked really cute!
  6. I have to agree with everyone...not a huge fan of the Juicy handbag line. There are some nice things in line, most of items just scream "mall rat" on them (I'm sorry if I offend anyone).
  7. im buying a louis vuitton speedy in 2 weeks :biggrin: im paris i cant wait im not going to let go of it ever. My friend asked me if some girls came up and asked me to give them my bag or get beat up what would id do... ofcourse i wouldnt let the bag go... obviously
    im only 16 too, dont have a job so it will be my life lol
    do the right thing, save up for the speedy
  8. I would wait and save for the LV. Their bags are sooo much better!
  9. If I were you, I would invest the $395 or so that you have into a Louis Vuitton Epi Pochette. Those are classy, super-durable, and of course of superb quality, being that it's Louis Vuitton. I think it still fits in your budget range ..
  10. You can get a used speedy for under 400$ including shipping on eBay from very reputable sellers. Definately go for the Louis Vuitton if it's something that you've always wanted !
  11. No juicy bags are not worth it....if you really want one you can always wait for them to go on sale as their price goes pretty low when onsale
  12. I'd be too scared to get a Louis from Ebay. I don't know enough about the bag to distinguish between real/knockoff/really good knockoff! I'd rather bite the bullet and pay extra for one from the store ( I live pretty near a Loius Vuitton) than take my chances on ebay.

    Thanks for all the feedback, you guys are all such dolls! :smile: