Is the journey also the destination?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    what do you think would it be like if you could have all the handbags you ever wanted - or want right now - at once? Would it be boring? Would we all run around with that sour look on our faces like Victoria Beckham who owns about thirty Hermès bags?

    Isn't it more fun to have to wait for a bag and then buy it when you can afford it?
    Is the journey the destination? Do we value the bag more if it's harder to get?

  2. Well the hunt for the bag is always fun for me!
  3. The hunt used to be a big thrill - always looking for the perfect bag - but finally my hunt paid off, and now I am content. Not sure, then, if that answers your question. I don't think I'd like all my dream bags at once - I would be overwhelmed, I'm sure. You know, too much of a good thing, etc. etc.

    And yes, I have 'dream' bags - but I'm not hunting them. They just exist in the back of my mind, keeping me company. My current collection is all I need.
  4. The hunt is definitely part of the fun and makes me appreciate the bag more when I get it, but I try not to get too caught up in it that I'd buy bags I don't appreciate once I "catch" them.
  5. The hunt for a most wanted bag and finding it on sale is great! I am now satisfied with my collection and have a bag for any occasion for I'm not on the prowl now but I still love lusting after and appreciating beautiful bags!
  6. HECK NO! I'd still love 'em all! I promise!
  7. I definitely agree!! While I love all the bags I have, the BEST feeling is when I get a new bag to add to my collection, and I pull everything out and look at them all together!

    I don't ever do that when i haven't gotten a new bag, so if I was just given all the bags I wanted I probably wouldn't appreciate it as much.

    Although it would be so fun to do photo ops!
  8. I love the hunt, but love the buy even more :smile:
  9. i think if u have all the bags u want u r bound to stop appreciating them. that said, a yr from now thre would b diff things u would like.
  10. I like the hunt. I don't want every bag that I think is's just too much of a good thing. I Love the E-bay hunt. Some of the MJ bags I like are no longer produced. I like to find those bags, especially at a great price. I try to only buy bags that I really, really want and not get caught up in the fact that it is rare, etc. If it is something I truly will not get lots of use out of, I try to control myself and pass on it.
  11. I think it's a case of enjoying the hunt and at times lusting after what you cannot have. If someone gave me all my dream bags in one go I'd probably be like 'oh'. i haven't got anything to look forward to now!!!:girlsigh:
    If things come too easy you don't appreciate them in the same way IMO.:shame: