Is the Isabella Fiore Whipflash Audra outdated?

  1. I'm trying to decide whether I should keep my IF Whipflash Audra in brown (Pics attached). Do you guys think it's outdated?
    IF Whipflash Audra.JPG
  2. That's a totally subjective matter imo. Katie Holmes hasn't been photographed carrying it in a long time so to some, it might be considered "dated." I carried mine just last week and I still love it.
  3. no...i dont think so at all! I love mine and carry her often!
  4. I just got mine last week and I love it.

    (I guess the outdated one here is me, eh....for having just bought one! hhahahaha)
  5. Thanks ladies!!
  6. Scary to think that some people are gauging what's in/out based on Mrs Cruise?! Mr. Couch Jumper himself probably tells her what bag to carry every day anyhow!!

    Anyway, I agree with tonij, it's all up to you. If you love it, rock it!!
  7. I never think about if a bag is outdated or not. If I like it, I carry it.
  8. LOL! I doubt she is going to be wearing it anytime soon. I just read that Tom Cruise bought Katie a custom Hermes Birkin bag for her birthday.....$10,000.!!
  9. ^^ I just read that too in US weekly...Clu, the style seems simple and just plain ol' pretty...looks like the leather is TDF too. If I love it, I wear it...Bottom Line. So...yeaaa..KEEP HER! ( and then give your brown Prada to me :graucho: )
  10. Truthfully, IMO it had it's day in the sun but I think it fell fast - I sold mine a long time ago - I lost interest in it. I never see them any more.
  11. I think the Audra is somewhat dated, however, I still adore the style and think it's IF's best bag. I sold mine, but I do still love it... and if I stumbled upon the right deal at the right time I'd buy one again.
  12. here here! I don't use Mrs. Cruise as a barometer for just about anything.

    I have a similar IF and I love it! Dated, schmated...go rock it!! :wlae:
  13. I actually like that bag alot and since it is a hobo I don't think it can look dated. Maybe bag nuts like us will know it for the Katie Holmes bag and when it is from but if the average person sees you wearing it they will just think it is a hot bag.
  14. Seriously I don't get these threads. Who cares if something is dated or if people on this forum like it or not. The only thing that matters is if YOU like it.
  15. I love mine to death and wear it all the time! I actually bought one when they were "hot" and then sold it because I needed the money. I regretted my decision so much that I found one on eBay a few weeks ago and bought it again! (And for much cheaper than I sold it for the first time!)