is the inside of DAMIER papillon red or the brown color?

  1. is the inside of DAMIER papillon red or the brown color?

    I thought it was the usual LV brown color leather inside and I believe I've seen some Damier papillon w/ that color in the inside.

    But on eluxury,... it's RED in the inside?

    Is that just a new edition color?
  2. its red in my damier pap.
  3. okay, now i'm confused.

    the color in the picture on eluxury.. looks red.
    but the description says...

    Cross-grain leather lining.... which is brownish red. but mainly brown.

    I guess it's just the picture that looks like it's red red?
  4. here you go!
  5. Used to be brown, they changed it to red in 2006 *I think*.
  6. Ahhh that makes sense then. So the older ones are brown interior.
  7. cross-grain is just the type or kind of leather, cross-grain can come in any color. The pap26 in Damier that I sold had red cross-grain leather interior.
  8. Hi i got my damier pap in 2004 and it has the more brown color interior. The newer paps have the red interior that i like, but my older pap has the older harware they used wich is thicker than the new ones that i also like.
  9. so the older Damier Papillon... say prior to 2000..... have a brown cross-grain interior with thinner gold hardware?
  10. June 2006, they changed the hardware from the lovely thick chunky, to the thinner hardware. Same time, they changed the inside to the glorious red from the previous terracotta colour. Personally, I much prefered the old hardware, but love the new red, so as I had the chuncky hardware on my pap, but the terracotta inside, when I got my damier Salsa, I chose the red inside, and suffered the new less substantial hardware... (I had the choice, as the store still had some of the older bags) I still look at the Salsa and think "I *wish* you had that chunky hardware..." but then I open the flap and get dazzled by the glorious scarlet!!!