Is the Hudson going to be available in F/W 2007?

  1. I was just browsing the MJ website and saw that it wasn't included in the fall collection. I've been trying to decide between getting a red epi LV speedy or the MJ hudson for my next bag... and if the hudson isn't being brought back, it may make my decision easy.

    Anyone know if it'll be brought back at all, or if it was a limited (and discontinued) style.

  2. I do not believe the Husdon is returning for Fall 2007. You should call a MJ boutique to be sure.
  3. when i was at the boston mj boutique last month they still had a bunch of different colored hudsons. i would call there if your still interested. i LOVE my hudson :smile:
  4. I was curious if the Hudson is still readily available at the MJ boutiques. I bought my military/rubino Hudson when they first were in the stores, but I would love to get a black Hudson before they go away forever.

    Is the Hudson about the same size (inside) as the Blake or is one of them more roomy? I love the separate compartments.
  5. I vote for the Hudson. I love mine.
  6. the hudson is taller than the blake, so you can fit a little more stuff than you could in a blake.

    i love the hudson, but i recently sold my chestnut to a coworker (i had the same color in the striping zip bowler). a chili hudson just sold on eBay for $600. i was watching the item, but it sold the day the bag was listed. serves me right for waiting. now i can't stop thinking about it!
  7. $600 for a chili hudson is a great price. I love the style. I like the roominess of the bag without the shapeless silhouette of a tote. I want another.
  8. i saw that auction too; that was a gorgeous bag. too bad you missed out on it :sad: but like i said, i saw that same color up at the boston should call and see if they still have it. they also had a white hudson and a light blue powdered color hudson.