Is the horizontal bagtinolles the new LV bag that everyone loves?

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  1. I bought the horizontal bagtinolles a while back and ended up returning it because so many people were carrying it. I do think its a great style but i also think its consider a cheaper LV bag. Is that why everyone has one or wants one?? Personally when it comes to designer bags i would rather spend a little more and get something a bit limited and rare.
  2. I dont see how you could consider it cheaper. It is priced as the rest, on size and shape. I think the ladies that have one or would like one is because it is attractive, and or fits there every day needs. To say its cheap, is just wrong to me.
  3. Get the louis vuitton multicolor
  4. I didn't know everyone was carrying it until I decided that was the bag I wanted. I still want it though.
  5. well the bag is cheaper in costs, compared to the other bags it's size or smaller. The Cabas Piano, which is smaller, is $835 as the BH is only $695 (IIRC). There's less leather used on the BH so it's reasonably cheaper.
  6. I think Moe means it's a more common purse due to it's "lower" price point, like the Speedy and the Popincourt Haut. An LV under $1k is not as common as those above $1k. The purses at the lower end of the spectrum are just as nice.

    I used to feel the same way about the Popincourt Haute when I wanted it--it was EVERYWHERE, or so it seemed. I ended up not getting it--it worked out for the best since down the road I got a cerise sac plat which isn't that common. If you're looking for something that's not as common, go for an unusual shape or limited edition item.
  7. :shame: ooops my mistake. I was thinking the Cabas was a little less. But yes, you are right there is definetely more leather on the Cabas. Thanks for the correction:biggrin:
  8. Thanks Wickedassin thats exactly what i ment!
    The way you felt about the Popincourt Haute is the same way i feel about the bagtinolles.
  9. no problem :amuse:
  10. I don't know if it's cheaper but I think the shape is ideal and roomy and the price is good that is why it's popular.
  11. Actually, the BH is $775 { but I don't know what IIRC means}
    I agree it's under $1k and because it's SO practical as being why it seems more popular lately. Although, I haven't seen one on anyone here, just me!
  12. Don't forget the Saleya, MM and PM, under a grand--gorgeous
  13. I really like it or the popincourt haute. :lol: I think either one looks really practical and easy to use as well as pretty.
  14. I wonder if it's a regional thing... I see the Popincourt Haute and BH all the time. I live in Southern California. A place where our RE prices are out of control and lots of people live beyond their means. High-end designer purses seem to be everywhere.
  15. ^^^^ REgional, that's interesting!! I have seen maybe one Batignolles (vertical) here in Charlotte