is the honey spy too close in color to the Cognac Spy?

  1. I have the honey spy (which I have not worn out yet) and have been eyeballing the cognac spy. :rolleyes:

    I have already been told by a beloved PF member that I should not get the cognac b-cuz it looks too much like the honey.

    I'm just curious to see what everyone else thinks. Thoughts? :hrmm:

    (by the way I got these pics courtesy of Greendrv's fendi spy color reference)


  2. They're not close. Cognac is darker, and the coloration is also not even throughout the bag like honey is.
  3. I concur with TammyD. The colors are very different. Honey is much lighter than Cognac.
  4. I have the cognac, and it's def. quite a bit darker than the honey.
    I've been contemplating the honey, too. :amuse:
  5. Maybe what your friend is trying to say is that they both look quite identical since they are in a shade of brown. Even though they are in different shades but I suppose they still look almost the same as compared to colors like white or silver or green.
  6. The only difference is that the cognac leather is made to age over time. Which means you will see a different coloration in a year. The honey color doesn't age.

    I felt that cognac was closer to dark brown than honey. I didn't want aging leather so I bought the dark brown instead. Still loving it.
  7. I think they are different color bags. One is brown, the other light honey.
  8. I think the Cognac at first may appear to be alot darker than the honey but with normal wear the Cognac will fade to a nice honey color too.
  9. Yup. You're right.

    Its because of the fact that the cognac is made to wear and fade over time that I've deiced against it.

    Thanks for everyone's help :yes: :heart: :flowers:
  10. Ahhh, awesome! I didn't know that the Cognac would fade so much!
    I love the honey, and the cognac is a bit dark... Good to know that it'll lighten up. :yes:
  11. I really hope that the Cognac does not lighten up significantly. Because if it does I am going to be very disappointed in my bag. I asked my Fendi SA about this before I purchased my bag, and he said that the color will age and get richer, but that it will not fade. Weren't the earlier Congac Spy bags different from the newest crop? I know that the first season Cognac did fade and was originally lighter than the current color in the first place. I was under the impression that the leather on the bag had since been changed.
  12. I wouldn't get a Cognac since I already have a Honey. Are you keeping your Silver/Gold Spy, also? Contemplating buying a third Spy?
    It IS a great bag~~so unique~~there's nothing else like it!
  13. Nah. The silver/gold spy is out the door. I need the money.

    And I've said no to the cognac spy now too.

    I was getting carried away. LOL
  14. I think you made the best choice. Myself, I am longing for the Fortuny/Hologram Spy. I'm trying to talk myself out of it!!

  15. LOL. I know. This forum can get very expensive. :lol: