Is the Hobo bag comparable in size to the City??

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  1. I recently purchased my first bbag from Terry at BalNY. The latter is a black City that I LOVE!! However I have been eyeing the Day/Hobo bags as well, and I was wondering if it fits as much as my City. What are your thoughts on the Hobo style in general? Thank you so much in advance for your thoughts.
  2. The hobo is no comparison to the city. I like my hobo, but the shape isn't for everyone. Everyone can use a city.

    Edit: However, the Hobo will fit more than the city.
  3. What exactly do you mean by "not for everyone?" Like it is too long for a petite person or too short of a strap?? Sorry, but I live in KC and have no way to see one in real life.
  4. Some of the girls have tried on the bag and learned that it's just not the type of bag for their shape. My hobo looks good on me, but some people (inparticularly petite women) feel the bag is too large for them. The bag is long, but the strap is not long. There is only one handle on the hobo.
  5. Thank you very much, and I appreciate your help.
  6. You can fit more in a hobo than a City but I don't like to overstuff either one because they both look better slouchy. The hobo especially looks good when only partially filled because it is smooshy & hugs close to your body. The single strap on the hobo is the perfect length to allow it to tuck up under your arm nicely. I think there are girls of all heights who have and love this style. There is a very Bohemian chic look about them which I love.
  7. I find them really nice to tote on the shoulder - more comfortable than the City. There are some really nice hobos on eBay right now, too!!

    Hey ... so there IS someone else hooked on B-bags in Kansas! ;) I was sooooo embarrassed at UPS today when I had to specify that I was mailing a handbag worth $1,200!!!!
  8. i'm getting a hobo soon, so i'll let ya know. but i actually don't really like the city much because it's not a shoulder bag and the long strap just slides off my shoulders....
  9. I like the Hobo-style very much - - - as the city ! The Hobo/Day is a 'shoulder'-bag which fits perfect on shoulder .... the city is more like a 'handbag', even you also can wear it over the shoulder (with the longer strap). The Hobo is 'more' comfortable to me as the city - it's more a sportive bag, the city maybe more 'elegant' - IMO ! Here some pics to draw a comparison :yes:
    109-0997_2.IMG.jpg 111-1119_1.IMG.jpg 107-0732_1.IMG.jpg 110-1006_1.IMG.jpg
  10. 0o0o0o - is that you firstclass1??? 0o0o0o!!! ***waves*** hello!!! hehehe!!! thanks for posting up pics!!!

    i'm really growing STRONG feelings for the hobo/day at the moment... i'm causal girl at heart and i think i need a hobo/day!!! hehehe!!! IMO - the hobo/day looks like it will hold LOADS of stuff!!!
  11. ^^ It will. I used it as a carry-on on my trip to the States recently, and it was like putting stuff in a black hole - it never seemed to get full!

  12. Awwwwwwww helen ... thank you for the compliments (yes it's me) :shame: ! I agree with english_girl : the hobo's never seemed to get full !!! I LOVE it :tender: - will get a bubblegum-pink hobo next week - yeeaahhhhh :yahoo:
  13. firstclass.. i love your bags!!!
  14. First class you look terrific in both styles!! I love both my city and my hobos but I use my hobos more because I find them to so practical (plus they look really cool):supacool: .
    I am only 5"3" and pretty tiny and I don't think that they overwhelm me at all...I definitley think that petite gals can carry them. I do tend to always carry big bags though. I have one first as well but think it is much too tiny.
  15. firstclass, you look great in your pics.