Is the Hermes on Faubourg in Paris closed today?

  1. Hello to those of you in Paris, do you know if the Hermes on 24, Faubourg is closed today, or if they closed early? I just tried calling but there is no answer. Hmmm...
  2. Oh well, never mind, they are closed today. Someone finally picked up the phone and confirmed it. Does anyone know why they're closed today? Thanks!
  3. Inventory?? That is unusual to be closed on a Thursday. I think that is the late night shopping day in Paris too. The stores are normally open later on Thursdays.
  4. i know it is an important public holiday today in germany could be the same in france no?
  5. Dianagrace and lilach, thanks for your replies! Lilach, what is the holiday in Germany? I'm wondering if the Faubourg store is closed because of inventory, too. But on a Thursday? Perhaps it is closed tomorrow as well?
  6. oh i don´t know what hoiday it is in germany but i talked with my sa in she told me about it :shame: oh and in france it is l'Ascencion(whatever that is) today i just googled it so my assumtion was true :flowers:
  7. Yea, it's a religious holiday, strange that we don't have it in Italy it being the cradle of Catholicism..anyway it should be only today, so tomorrow H should definately be open...:flowers:
  8. Lilach and duna, thank you! Oh yes, I do remember now about L'Asencion. I was in Paris around this time 3 years ago and I do remember my SA telling me that the store would be closed on a particular day. Thanks very much!
  9. It's a public holiday.

    Religious holiday ... Ascencion Day!
  10. Girls, that is meant to be the day Jesus went up to heaven. Voilà!
    Sorry I did not see the post before to reply!