Is the Hermes Calvi card case hard to find?

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  1. Hello dear Purseforum members, long time lurker and I'm venturing into the H world !

    I've decided my first H item to be the Hermes Calvi card holder in Rouge Grenat/ Rouge H
    For some context, I reside in Vancouver BC, Canada. However stock on the Calvi is scarce, and the Canadian website has zero stock of the item!

    I will be travelling to Europe and will stop by the "Charles de Gaulle Airport".
    My question is, what is the likely hood that the DutyFree Hermes boutique would have the Calvi in stock and in a variety of colors?

    Thank you kindly! porte-cartes-calvi--074612CKK1-front-2-300-0-2048-2048-q40_b.jpg porte-cartes-calvi--074612CKK1-front-1-300-0-1158-1158_b.jpg
  2. Worth a try of course. If you are travelling in Europe then try the stores as well, much better chance.
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  3. My word of advice would be to buy it when you see a colour you like travelling in Europe and visting their stores, don't wait until duty free as there is no guarantee of stock in any given store.
  4. The European website is packed with Calvi at the moment, both Epsom and Chèvre and even some verso. The stores are less well stocked in my experience, but I got a red Calvi in my home store recently.
    Good luck.
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  5. The Calvi is the best entry leather item that Hermes offers.

    Remember that 'online' is a separate arm of the business. It can be a very useful guide to the variations available but it is not a catalogue of what will be available 'in store'.
    Remember also, that Hermes production is never going to be that large, so walk-in stores
    are not going to carry 'every item in every colour' in the stockroom like you might hope for with some brands.

    If you ever see what you want - buy it when you can.
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  6. You will have no problem finding a Calvi at a store in Europe. Duty free will be more limited. You can also buy from the website of the country you are in and have it shipped to your hotel/pick up at a store.
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  7. H online cust svc may kindly tell you what store has in stock when web site bare. Last week said I could return an item for exchange and, if still unavailable online, they would check stores and supply exchange from there.
    She confirmed availability at an H store two hours from me. I called the store and ordered over phone. That part went well and I simply shipped return back to
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  8. I was at CdG over the summer and they do have quite a bit of selection there. But I’m not too sure about your exact spec.... if you are not particular you will find one, but might not be EXACTLY that. Good luck and have fun hunting!
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  9. Wow, thank you all for the insights on best practices of H purchases!

    I am aware of the Airport thread in this subforum, but i figured web traffic isn't quite high over in that Thread.
    Thought I would simply ask, as I think other newbies like myself would greatly benefit from it as well : )

    And honestly, I think the "hunting" stage of particular H items is the exciting part. Love it !
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  10. Thank you for the note, and I think you took the words right out of my mouth.

    I was doodling with the idea and feasibility of ordering online via Hermes France, and have the item shipped to the store for pick-up!

    Quick question-:angel:
    I understand that Hermes France now offers an online appointment booking system.
    Does this apply to online purchase and in-store pick-ups too?

    Otherwise it would be crazy to line-up outside the store for hours; before being admitted into their doors :confused1:

  11. I don't think an SLG purchase needs an appointment
    The appointment system is primarily for bags
    any queues now will not be like they were a couple of years ago, so no need to worry