Is the Hermes "Birkin" worth the money and the wait? Is it obtainable?

This is what I know about the Birkin:
1. That it may be the best bag purchase because it implies the greatest status.
2. It is timeless.
3. It is very very expensive. It costs $5,000 for leather and if you want crocodile, that'll set you back about $19K.
4. It is hard to get a hold of, waitlists etc. If you want to buy an Hermes Kelly back you will have to join a waiting list for up to a year.
5. All the "it" people have one or more.
6. Hermes is reputed for naming their Kelly Bag after Grace Kelly. The bigger version is called the Birkin.

Am I right? Is it really timeless? Does anyone know how expensive the least pricey Birkin is? How long is the waitlist? Is it more worthwhile to save your money towards one birkin than spend money on fads that pass through the years? Any information appreciated.

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H is for HOCKEY
Jan 29, 2006
I was actually thinking of getting rid of most of my bags and get one Birkin instead! I am in LOVE with Hermes!!! But at the moment most of my time is spent at the hockey arenas or driving to hockey arenas for my son's games or practices, so I don't see a need for it quite yet!


Jan 25, 2006
There are no waitlists anymore! Now you have to come in and if they have one, they have one. You are lucky if you live on Madison Avenue in NYC near the mid 60's where Hermes is so you can check up on the status but not many people are. I know my mother and her friends go on vacation to Paris, canne, Italy etc and purchase Birkins and Kellys there. They are available. It is a great bag and a status bag. It was instyle for 20 something years already and will be instyle for another 20 something years. I think it is a GREAT INVESTMENT of bags if you can afford it. It truely is the essence of class.


Dec 29, 2005
I think there are still waitings lists for picky people, if you want a specific size/color/etc. you're going to be put on hold. but there are certainly Birkins available for people who just want one, anything!

I don't really want one. with my lifestyle and prospective future, I cannot ever justify that much for a bag, and they all look like they belong to grandmothers.
I would much rather spend that $5k on a lovely collection of Hermes scarves. they're beautiful.


Jan 18, 2006
Last I heard, there was a 2-3 year waiting list for the Birkin and the starting price was about $6000 (up to $30K YIKES)! I am completely in love with te Birkin and would just about die to get my hands on one! Unforntunately, I just can't drop $10K on a bag right now- so I will just have to keep dreaming!!! :love:
Yes, there is no waiting list anymore -- my husband (love him) called Hermes to ask. There was one, and I think they are honoring the list, but since then have shut it down. You just have to get lucky when you stop into a store.

The Birkin was named after Jane Birkin and the Kelly was named after Grace Kelly. The Birkin is a little different than just being a bigger Kelly bag. And, it comes in different sizes -- the most popular is the 35 size. Resellers have them, but they often double the price!


Jan 20, 2006
I think it would be worth it. Incidentally, I read that the Kelly bag was only nicknamed the Kelly bag because Grace Kelly was photographed holding it (in front of her pregnant stomach) and it became easier/quicker for people to refer to it as that. But it has another name, which I am forgetting at the moment, 'officially.' Nobody uses the real name, though.


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Nov 20, 2005
There is a wait list in Canada! I am on 2. The JPG over the shoulder Birkin in black or gold and the 30cm Birkin for the same colors. Both bags are over $10,000 Canadian. I just passed up a Gold kelly 2 weeks ago and they do seem to get kelly's more often then is said. The wait WILL be 1 year for one of them, so I expect one by the end of the year. I love hermes more and more.....yikes.


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Fellow "Passionista"
Nov 20, 2005
pseub said:
Is the Kelly smaller than the Birkin?

They both have many sizes...25cm(only baby Birkin in this size, smallest for the kelly is the 28cm, besides the clutch.), 28cm, 30cm,35cm, 40cm! I may be missing some. The kelly of 28cm was too small for me and too much$$$, I want a Birkin first.