Is the Heloise "shoulder bag" still available anywhere?

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  1. Oh good :tup:, thanks for pointing that out LYM. I'm not into gold metallics :nogood: so that's put paid to that little fantasy. I have seen the small Heli in silver metallic IRL and it's totally TDF :love:, but as we know these metallic Chloes are not suited for heavy bag users like moi. Anyway, I am TOTALLY :banned: until further notice, so an enabling free zone :police: for the forseeable future :angel: !
  2. LOL, that reminds me of the quote from the movie "Working Girl" with Melanie Griffith, when her Jersey Girl friend is looking through the expensive closet: "Six thousand dollars? It's not even leather!"

    Seriously though, I totally agree, if I'm buying a vinyl bag, it's from Target, not Chloe! I bet they make it for people who want high end bags, but don't do leather, a la Stella McCartney.
  3. Tag, I like the vision of you stepping out of your limo, ducking into The River Cafe, metallic Chloe sparkling... very romantic :tup:
  4. Oh I wish :girlsigh:....maybe one day eh ? Perhaps at The Ivy instead of The River Cafe ? Although the River Cafe would do just fine too :yes:. At the moment all I seem to be doing is stepping out of a mud splattered Chrysler Cruiser into the nearest McDonalds :rolleyes::lol:.
  5. :wtf: Yikes...and that's for a bag that will surely shed its coating. Maybe it'll end up in the sales at some point but even so, once these bags start shedding IMO they start to look very shabby:tdown: ( at least my Argent Bay does).
  6. I actually saw the Vinyl one this afternoon in black -- it's actually pretty nice. It's very soft, thin and lightweight and doesn't really feel like vinyl. It reminds me of the leather that Marc Jacobs is using on some of this bags this season, however, I still don't think it's worth $1200+!! I MIGHT consider paying $600-700, but that's a BIG IF!!
  7. Thank you guys so much for all of your help. Although I like the smaller Heli that you all have so kindly helped me find better than the large, I had a one time opportunity to snatch it up for a great price. (It was through a friend of a friend who works for a major specialty retailer.) I bought the prune shopper/tote.

    The one on the matches site is definitely the prune color but not the shape I want. I like the frame top (as shown in the gray bag on that site and in other photos you all have posted). Thank you all for your help. You are all SO helpful. I sometimes swing by this forum (like when I was looking for my Betty and when I was obsessing over boots) and you are always so friendly and helpful. Thanks a bunch!!!
  8. Does anyone know what the smaller Helis retail for?
  9. Nevermind. $1525!
  10. Nice pics in the Nordy's in MA nice selection
  11. If that is the small in the lower left corner, is the beige one middle left the slightly bigger (I think it is called regular) size??

    I can't decide which size I want and we don't get them here in New Zealand.
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