Is the Heloise "shoulder bag" still available anywhere?

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  1. I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but that color says "Burgundy" (altho it sure looks like Plum) -- are you sure it's not the "Bordeaux" color (which, IMO, is more Burgundy than Pluam!)??
  2. Just to give you an idea...the strap drop on the smaller shoulder bag has an 8 inch drop. The tote/shopper style that you have seen most getting on this forum has about a 10 inch drop. I have attached a picture of my tote/shopper Heli from the side with a coat on so you can get an idea of how it might sit on the shoulder. It is a comfortable 8 inch strap drop would probably be pretty tight. Hope this helps!
  3. I snapped this at Nordy's in Natick, MA tonight. Note the small Heli's lower left hand corner:

  4. I think this might be another case of Chloe colour confusion :confused1: because the bag on the Matches website looks exactly the same colour as my Prune Large Heli . Did Chloe even bring out the Heli in 'Burgundy' ? If so, I've never seen one :nogood:.

  5. OMG :drool: LYM, even though I know darn well that the metallic coating is bound to rub off that silver Heli as soon as you even glance at it, it is so fabulous I'm positively hyperventilating :wtf::amazed::wacko::sos:. I know that particular bag is retailing for a truly ridiculous :nuts: amount of money here in the UK ( around £1000:Push:smile:, don't suppose you could find out, just out of interest :wondering, how much it's retailing for in the store where you took the photos ?
  6. ^ Hi Tag, it's not listed on their website, so I'll give them a call for you sometime this week. I'd love to tempt you into another purchase, loL! :graucho:
  7. One more thing, take a look at how the color looks in this pic, from the back. I think this is more true to life, it's more goldy than silver:

  8. GORGEOUS!!! You can not put that many Heloises in just one place - I almost had a heart attack :nuts:
  9. It is a lot of "hot heli action" isn't it?!?
  10. I believe it is $1850.
  11. :lol::lol::lol:
  12. I saw that gold Heli today, and even though I didn't touch it (was afraid to--I might come home with it), I admired it from afar......beautiful.:girlsigh:
  13. lanasyogamama - OMG! Those pics make me :drool::drool::drool:!! So many Heloise's all in one place!!

    here's the pic of the Vinyl Heloise I mentioned earlier - I'm sorry, but if I'm paying more than $1k for a bag, it better be leather!!!


  14. mlm4485, this just makes me want one even more in red:love:. Love the coat to.:heart:

  15. Thanks for offering to do the price check for me LYM :tup:,BUT why on earth would you love to tempt me into another purchase :devil: ?

    Actually I can say hand-on-heart :heart: that I definitely wouldn't be tempted to buy another metallic Chloe, however beautiful it might be, UNLESS it was at a complete steal, because as I know from bitter experience with my Argent Bay ( which looks very shabby now :sad:), these metallics are definitely not meant for anything but the very lightest use - stepping out of your chaffeur driven car, placing it on a chair in a swanky restaurant and then stepping back into your limo again...that sort of thing :rolleyes:.
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