Is the Heloise "shoulder bag" still available anywhere?

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  1. I don't really follow Chloe that much but I have fallen for Heloise in a big way. The more I look at them the more I realize I prefer the smaller "shoulder bag" as opposed to the larger tote style that seems to be readily available now. I want the prune color but so far I've only seen that color in the shopper. I would go for black as a second choice. I want regular leather and not patent. Anyone know where I could score a prune or black shoulder bag?

    This is the style I'm interested in:,,20154436_20055225_20085110,00.html

    This is the one I'm finding everywhere:

    Don't get me wrong, I love it. In fact I may just buy it but I prefer the smaller one. Thanks ladies!!

  2. I've only seen one version of the style you're looking for in a department store in London
    in a silver metallic colour (I assume from the NM link you posted you're probably in the US anyway). It might be worth you calling around the various Chloe boutiques in NY etc, as I think they do mail order. As far as I know I've never seen the smaller style on LVR, Diabro or any of the usual Chloe on-line suppliers.

    I did try on the smaller size in the London dept store and it's a struggle to get it onto the shoulder wearing a coat or jacket - it just about fits over a sweater/shirt. If you're looking for a shoulder bag you might be better off with the larger version. Anyway, happy hunting :smile:.
  3. OMG, rubylola, that cream color is beautiful!!

    lawchick, I've seen the smaller ones at Neiman Marcus in various colors - red, brown and maybe black. Also, they pop up on Bluefly from time to time.
  4. I know, it is sooo lovely. I had a long think about it when I saw it, but with a couple of cream bags already I just can't justify it. Now, if I saw the black however.... well, that would be another story.
  5. I would love this size as well(see my avatar). I would like red or brown. Still trying to find one :sad:
  6. I saw this at the Chloe boutique, and at Nordstroms SCP. I believe it is $1525 now. Saw it in black, cream and prune (boutique only). Heard that there is a white patent leather with brown handles for summer, $1280.
  7. Wow, thanks for all of your help guys. I appreciate it!!!
  8. My God Tag- i look on there all the time at the Chloe stuff and managed to miss that. I must be losing my marbles. Now I have a dilemma. To buy or not to buy...
  9. Which one are you after RL ? Go on, treat yourself ...:graucho:buy, ...lifes too short to deprive yourself of a Heli :lol:.

  10. :lol: Definitely too short :yes:

    Well- the small black heloise is gorgeous I have liked if for ages. I nearly bought a medium heloise because I couldn't find the small, but decided it was too large for me. But, now looking at more pictures of the small, it doesn't look as if it would fit over the shoulder, so I am just not sure. I love the bag but does anyone know the handle drop length?
  11. I tried the small version on in a store last week ( metallic silver :love: TDF but fortunately the experience I had with the silver metallic coating rubbing off of my Argent Bay means that I'll never be tempted to buy another bag with this finish....anyway I digress ...)
    :back2topic:. The handles on the short version fitted over my shoulder only when I removed my jacket. I don't think there's any way they would fit over a bulky coat at all, so I guess it's more of a summer bag unless you've got incredibly thin arms. The handles on the medium are long enough to fit very comfortably over the sholuder.
  12. ^^^ mmm- that makes me think twice. If it fitted over the shoulder I would buy it, but with my children to haul around, a hand held bag isn't ideal. It is a gorgeous bag though.
  13. I saw the small Black (like Nicole Richie's) at Nordstroms not long ago -- I believe it was $1549. The small "white patent leather" one you're referring to is actually an Ivory Vinyl one -- I saw it in the Nordstroms Designer catalogue. I have a picture of it at home - I can scan it & post it later this evening -- That bag is $1280.
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