Is the heart pouch new? HELP

  1. Is this something that is coming out? Any idea how much$$$$

    Thanks for any/all info. I'm in :heart:
  2. OMG I want one!
  3. I just called my SA and they are coming out on 2/1. I put myself on the list for the MC and pink and Red vernis. That CC bill is gonna hurt. I'm #3 on each list. Thanks for posting. I was clueless.
  4. Are you in Scottsdale?
  5. Oooooooooooohhh..I want one!!1 :love:
  6. they are coming out on the first of february, and you should pur your name on a waitlist as they will be limited.
  7. $390 for MC heart ... read from somewhere here
  8. Yup, they are coming out on Feb. 1st! In 3 different colors!
  9. Elux had them on their site the other day. Along with the Pastilles keychain and the Flat pouch. It was mentioned in another post.

    Heart Coin purse was 350 US
    Flat pouch was 390 US
    Pastilles 300 US
  10. According to my SA each store is getting 2 of each (may be more for flagship stores) 2 red, 2 pink, 2 perle and 2 white MC. I have 3 waiting for me on wednesday morning bright and early. I am hoping the scarf comes in also. Evidently they get there deliveries on wednesdays.
  11. Are you getting these on Wednesday (Jan 30) or Thursday (Feb 1)? Actually they get in deliveries several times a week. My SA only works part time.
  12. oops I meant thursaday, my days are a little off lately!
  13. yea, none can be sold until feb the first! make sure you are on the list! i have a pomme d'amour coeur just WAITING to come home with me!

    anyone else in boca going to pick one up tomorrow?
  14. Thanks everyone. I'll be picking up the Framboise and MC tomorrow. Now I'm thinking about the Framboise Vernis Koala wallet. This is bad!:nuts:
  15. Louis Vuitton in Houston (the boutique in Neiman Marcus) still has a white and a Multicolor one that arent claimed yet