Is the gym too dirty of a place for my white wapity?

  1. I just got out of college so no more free gym access at a very new clean facility where the crowd was all young and all the girls had cutesy wristlet and accessories they could just leave in the cubicles in the work out room. people used to leave their keys, and wallets, and such and it would be safe from theft jsut because people didnt take other peoples stuff. Say goodbye to happy days, I moved back to the big city just found out a few days ago my ex-college sweetheart who was still lovey dovey to me last week has found a new younger girl and is now giving up trying to patch things up with me as he wants to develop something further with this girl. It's very hurtful. He just wanted to let me know as he was feeling a bit guilty making a move on her because although we broke up he still felt like he was cheating on me. What a mess. I was a mess. I;ve been so upset and unhappy lately thiking about it constantly. Sorry, getting off topic....

    So, today I just got a membership to the YMCA gym in an attempt to gain back some self-esteem and my life back on track. The gym is alright but not nearly as new or clean as what I am used to. Thefts have happed here such as people breaking into lockers. And my dads $3 thriftstore sandals were stolen when he left them unattended in the mens locker room. I don't use the locker room but I do carry my car keys, gym card, drivers liscence, insruance card, and cell phone along with a magazine, and sandals to change into afterwards (I don't like to leave the gym with sweaty feet inside my shoes). My white MC wapity would be perfect to fit those loose odds and ends but am I paranoid to think:

    1. It would get stolen when I put it down next to me when the work out machines without a holder right in front of you?
    2. Would it get dirty fast putting in down in areas like that?
    3. What about color rub off?
    4. What about germs from the machine getting onto my wapity? Would I need to wipe it down everynight upon getting home? (Sorry if this last one sounds a bit paranoid)

    So is it suitable to use my wapity for the gym? What else could I use if not? Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. Yes, it will get dirty. Most places have lockers. You just need a lock.
  3. Why not a mono wapity?