is the sale tonight?

  1. Anyone have confirmation as to if the sale is tonight?

    I was thinking of going to the 11pm showing of the da vinci code, but if the sale is tonight..then im staying in :graucho:
  2. is it is it?! ahhhh!!
  3. ^^ wow, that pic if beautiful! is it from OC? if so, which part?

    Originally, everyone said the gucci sale started the 1st...then again people are being told to pick up there presale on the 6/ going to wait until 10:45pm tonight and check what they do.
  4. i'm not 100% sure but i think i read somewhere on this forum that the sale started today at 10pm. BUT i could be wrong. >.<
  5. What percentage off is the sale? Like up to 30% or what? Just wanted to know what I should expect!
  6. i think it should 30% of fabric and 40% of leather pieces
  7. Hmmm, this is interesting! I know the official sale at the stores starts on the 6th, so I just assumed that it'd be the same day for the website. But now I must DEFINITELY look online tonight :biggrin:
  8. Do they show the markdowns, or is the price just the sale price? How do you know what items are reduced? Is it everything or just stuff from previous seasons?
  9. Oh! And is this just in the US?
  10. ^yup.
    they will obviously have a greater selection then NM and Saks etc.
    I cant wait, I already know what im going to get!
  11. Also, is that 10 p.m. Eastern time? TIA!!:biggrin:
  12. YUP, just the US and they dont ship to parts of the uk and canada, although i read somewhere on there where they might be able to order through a personal shopper BUT NOT through the site. so the site is only for US shoppers.
  13. Are shoes included in this? If so, I'm in trouble :shocked:
  14. there is no specific time of when it starts, from my prev experiences. it just shows up around midnight..but then again it might not even be until the 6th.

    also shu, they do show original prices and then the marked down ones. its only on cruise and summer collection, although sometimes they do throw in the occassional classic purse and shoe.
  15. YES, shoes, handbags, luggage, hats,pet stuff,wallets etc....