is the gucci blooms gg card case worth the price

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  1. Hi! Both are great items but for different purposes. Gucci’s card case is comparable to LV’s zippy coin purse. You will probably get both of them in the long run so you will just have to decide which one to buy first.
  2. The first zippy coin purse I bought was from Gucci; I also just recently purchased one from LV. I’ve had my coin purse for years, still use it today. Never had any issues whatsoever. I keep coins and folded bills in it; however a few times the bills got stuck in the zipper, due to having so many of them folded inside. You think I would learn because it’s happened on several occasions. Each time I said, “oh no” hoping the zipper didn’t break. Get this! It never did.

    Great choice and well worth the price!
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  3. Agree you’ll get a great use out of both of these and you’ll just need to decide which to get first
  4. I’d personally go with the LV mini pochette. Unless you have a Gucci Marmont bag, then I’d opt for the matching card case
  5. ive had mine for 6 months now and i love it. i use it as an everyday wallet ... the middle part can even hold coins!
  6. I have this Gucci zip wallet. I absolutely love it. Fits heaps of cards, coins, receipts and cash. The Mini pochette I feel has a different function, more of a pouch inside a bag to keep your stuff organised.
  7. I like that Gucci zip...its very pretty with the blooms print and you will be surprised...quite a bit will fit in there!
  8. I love that GUCCI zippy! It’s so pretty! And an LV mini pochette is so cute and functional as well. I agree that eventually you will get both. Maybe get the one that’s more limited right now? Like if this bloomies design is limited, get this first.
  9. I’m a bit curious about this case too. I’d use it to store shop point cards I many cards would people say it could fit?
  10. Love my black leather Guccissima zippy card case! I had a mini pochette as a starter LV, and moved away quickly from it. It held a good amount of stuff but my bags are usually small bags (Chanel mini, M/L flap, Gucci disco) sothe Gucci card case works better for me. I like that it can hold so much stuff, even coins. I vote card case unless you’re super new in the luxury goods arena then pochette because pochette you can hold more things in overall.