Is the GST a part of the permanent collection or not?

  1. Hello lovely ladies ,

    Since I have my college graduation in December this year, I'm planning to treat myself to a wonderful present. And what better present than a gorgeous bag, huh? :graucho:

    I am planning on buying the GST for myself... however, will that line still be sold then?? Is the GST/PST line permanent? Also, I had my mind set on the navy, since it's so unusual looking.... Does the GST also come in pink, or is that just the PST??

    I'd appreciate some answers! Thanks...!:heart: :supacool:
  2. I know the PST is the only one that you can get in pink. I just ordered it yesterday...and I asked for the GST...but was told they never made a pink GST.
  3. yes the GST is permanent. Not in every color, but the bag itself is Classic.
  4. I'm pretty sure there's a pink GST:yes:
  5. I think the answer is YES! Since it never goes out of season!
  6. Wow! I am definitely gonna buy that - for those who have it, is it as shiny as it looks in the pics? I love the shininesss.... :drool:
  7. the GST? Shiny?

    Not really, it's caviar leather, which definitely isn't dull, but not shiny like patent either.
  8. No I didn't mean as shiny as patent leather, but you said not dull, so that's probably what I meant! :biggrin: As in, it looks nice and new and won't fade with use?
  9. It does have a sheen to it I think, and hopefully stays nice and new looking.
  10. Ah thanks! That's the word I was looking for - a sheen, not exactly a shine. I hope they don't go up in price in December now....