Is the groom line LE or seasonal?

  1. I've heard it referred to as both. Anyone know which it is? Thanks.:confused1:
  2. I think there is another thread on it and the "debate" on limited versus seasonal.

    It's limited...and my SA says "very limited" 5000 pieces of each...

    I think limited is just limited...i don't think there are levels lol who knows!
  3. I believe seasonal.
  4. The manager at my LV said very limited. Whatever that means.
  5. ^^^ Better buy it while the going's good, in other words ! :graucho:
  6. All seasonal items are limited..... hence why they are seasonal...
  7. I was told 5000 pieces as well of each.
  8. my SA was like it's the cerise
  9. My SA, who is also the manager, said it was "very limited". All I know for sure is that if you want it buy it ASAP because you never know when they will sell out.
  10. I was told this is a seasonal item which would last for 6 months. They are expecting more shippment.
  11. Yeah I had an SA (not my usual) one tell me the Charms Cabas was VERY limited and they'd never be receiving anymore after I bought mine. Now they have both colors still at the store. Sooo....
    Anyway in a sense, yes, the Groom line is limited, but not to a certain amount from what I've heard. Only a certain amount of time like the Cerises was. Besides, customers never really know how many pieces of each a line has anyway unless they're numbered or something since LV doesn't typically release production stats to the general public.
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